About 5.12

Our Ambition in Support of Our Mission

The 5.12 Day of Giving is a single-day online effort to engage Wabash's many constituents, celebrate and expand our great tradition and culture of philanthropy, and help the College reach its 2019-2020 fundraising goals. We know that on 5.12, our 2020 Day of Giving will bring #WabashTogether.

A group of leaders is taking a Giant Step for Wabash and putting their generous philanthropy on the line by asking the Wabash Nation to come together and achieve 7 specific challenges on our 7th Day of Giving. We invite you to join together and help us answer their call and reach our ambitious goals in support of our mission, our students and faculty, and our unrivaled Wabash liberal arts experience.

The Day of Giving encourages everyone who loves Wabash to join together – as Wabash Together – and make gifts to help unlock $490,000 pledged by Wabash leaders and raise an ambitious $1 million that will have a direct impact on Wabash students.

Day of Giving Contact information

Email: 512@wabash.edu Phone: 877-743-4545

Official hashtags: #WabashTogether | #GiantStepsForWabash

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Frequently Asked Questions

Student Response Fund

All Day

Gift Goal: 700

Dollars to Unlock: $70,000

By selecting the "StudentResponseFund" code in the Affinity Challenge drop-down menu, you are helping Wabash students who are facing temporary hardships due to COVID-19 stay enrolled so they can graduate and join our #1 alumni ranked network.

Student Participation

All Day

Gift Goal: 380

Dollars to Unlock: $70,000

Our alumni participation goal is 45% this year and we are challenging our students to do the same on the Day of Giving. When students select the class years of 2020 through 2024, their gifts will automatically count towards this challenge.

Early Bird

First 700 gifts

Gift Goal: 700

Dollars to Unlock: $70,000

The first 700 gifts on the Day of Giving will count towards unlocking this challenge.

Lunch & Learn

11:00 AM EDT

Gift Goal: 300

Dollars to Unlock: $70,000

Any gift made after this challenge begins will count towards unlocking this challenge.

Athletics Period

4:00 PM EDT

Gift Goal: 300

Dollars to Unlock: $70,000

Gifts using any Athletics Affinity Codes after this challenge begins counts towards unlocking this challenge gift.

Affinity Spotlight

7:00 PM EDT

Gift Goal: 300

Dollars to Unlock: $70,000

Gifts using any Affinity Code after this challenge begins counts towards unlocking this challenge gift.

Living Unit Challenge

9:00 PM EDT

Gift Goal: 300

Dollars to Unlock: $70,000

Gifts using any Living Unit Code after this challenge begins counts towards unlocking this challenge gift.

At a time of unprecedented change, job loss, and uncertainty, there is one thing that is undeniable: Wabash Always Fights... together!

That's why we've established "Giants Helping Little Giants," a Student Response Fund that will help our students who are facing temporary hardship related to COVID-19. When you support this fund, you are helping Wabash students stay enrolled and involved during this critical time so that they can graduate and join our #1-ranked alumni network.

Gifts to our Student Response Fund provide resources for students who are struggling with financial aid, employment, housing, meals, transportation and other critical needs. This is a very real need and we know the Wabash nation will rally around our young men.

Throughout our history, our College community has paid it forward for future generations of Wabash men. The future is now and our students' need is great. Let's rally around them – together!

The 5.12 Day of Giving is primarily an online campaign (wabash.edu/512). However, the College will count gifts received via postal mail before or after the day with a note 5.12, Day of Giving, or "Wabash Together." The College will also count gifts that donors pledge to make through Donor Advised Funds or via appreciated securities.

Alumni and friends can let the College know they are pledging to make these gifts by sending an email to 512@wabash.edu or by calling 877-743-4545 on or in advance of 5.12. These gifts will be included in the totals on the day, but individual donor names may not appear on the real-time list of donors until after the gift has been received.

Our alumni and current student body have joined together today to issue a challenge and put their dollars on the line for each decade. Visit our Inside the Numbers page at www.wabash.edu/512/numbers for leaderboards including the decade to decade challenge, sports, classes, living units, and more.

Gifts on 5.12 will be allocated to the Annual Fund unless otherwise noted in the comments section on the giving form. Gifts using Athletics Affinity Codes will be allocated to the Directors Fund unless otherwise noted.

Yes, many companies offer programs that will match contributions to Wabash. Your 5.12 donation to the Annual Fund will meet most matching requirements and can double your impact on Wabash students. Companies will often match gifts by spouses, parents, retirees, or partners. Contact your human resources office or visit www.wabash.edu/matching to find out if your employer has a matching gift program.

The 2020 CARES Act creates a temporary universal charitable deduction for non-itemizers, for cash gifts to non-profit organizations including Wabash College. Donors who take the standard deduction on their federal income taxes will be entitled to an "above the line" additional deduction not to exceed $300. This provision excludes gifts made into donor-advised funds.

An affinity challenge is a pledge made by an individual or group that "challenges" others with whom they are associated to make a gift on 5.12. If the challenge terms are met, they will give an additional gift. For example:

Bob Donor was a member of the Comic Book Club while at Wabash back in the 1970s. Because he is so fond of his memories of reading the X-Men with his peers and believes others will agree, Bob Donor will give $1,000 when 100 gifts are made on 5.12 using the code #ComicBooks.

Affinity challenges can represent any group of the Wabash community. You can lead one for a class, living unit/fraternity, a group of spouses or partners, metropolitan area, field of study, sports team, student club, scholarship fund, memorial fund, in honor of a professor/coach/student, the list goes on and on.

Complete the fields on the online form at wabash.edu/512/addchallenges. After completing the form, we will review the details and will contact you about its approval. Your affinity challenge code will then appear on the giving form drop-down menus. Throughout 5.12, spread the word via your social media contacts, email, and by phone, and let everyone you know that your challenge is on!

Affinity Challenges that request gifts be allocated to a restricted designation (non-Annual Fund) will be part of a review process by either the Dean for College Advancement, the Dean of the College, or the Director of Athletics. It is recommended these are submitted as soon as possible for review and approval.

Send us an email at 512@wabash.edu and tell us who you would like to contact. We'll send you a list of your classmates, teammates, and other Wabash connections to reach out to and help promote the 5.12 Day of Giving.

The 5.12 Day of Giving is a great way to demonstrate your Wabash pride and your belief in our time-honored mission. If you have given this year, thank you! Making another gift on 5.12 will count towards the gifts made on the day and will help the College receive $490,000 from a group of challenge donors.