Thank You!

Wabash College made a loud and clear statement to the world on 4.22 when more than 2,500 alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents, and friends made gifts totaling more than $500,000. This type of support is nearly unparalleled in all of higher education and is evidence of the Wabash Nation's belief in the College's mission to educate young men to Think Critically, Act Responsibly, Lead Effectively, and Live Humanely. All of us at the College are grateful for your generosity and that so many people stood TALL for Wabash on 4.22.


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AFFINITY challenges

Unlock $142,200 in Challenge Gifts on 4.22

Wabash stands to receive $142,200 as a lead challenge gift if 2,200 alumni and friends make a gift on 4.22. Achieving the benchmarks below will unlock four amounts of the overall challenge.

A special thanks to our 4.22 alumni challenge donors:
Jay Allen '79, Corey Asay '05, Steve Bowen '68, Rich Calacci '91, Jim Davlin '85, John Dewart '10, Ted Grossnickle '73, Ray Jovanovich '84, Ray Kljajic '78, Frank Kolisek '82, Jeff Perkins '89, Kelly Pfledderer '96, Tom Walsh '73, Drew Watters '00, Jeremy Wentzel '14, and Bill Wheeler '83.

Honor Roll

We thank the 2537 alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends who have given today to support Wabash College.

Affinity Challenges

An affinity challenge is a pledge made by an individual or group that "challenges" others with whom they are associated to make a gift on 4.22. If that donation is made, they will pledge an additional amount of money per gift.

Affinity challenges can be made by class, living unit/fraternity, pledge class, metropolitan area, sports team, student club, scholarship fund, memorial fund, in honor of a professor/coach/student, etc.

If you are interested in launching an affinity challenge, you must first let the College know about your challenge by completing this quick web form here. After completing the form, we will send you a challenge code that you can share with your affinity group.


Dave Pancost ’69, Emeritus Trustee, and Paige Franklin will give an additional $15 for each current student who gives on 4.22 and allocates all or part of their gift to the new student housing project.


In honor of the 165 years at Wabash, the Chapter Advisory Board of Phi Delta Theta is challenging alumni, family, and friends of Phi Delta Theta to give today.  The CAB has committed to donate just over $6 per gift aiming for a total of $1,000 if we reach 165 gifts today.


The Rhetoric Department faculty have issued a challenge to Speech and Rhetoric alumni and will add $10 to the first 22 gifts to the Brigance Forum Fund.


Chad Cleaver '00 challenges all Phi Psi alumni from 1997-2003 to donate. He will give $20 for each '97-03 Phi Psi alum who donates on 4.22.


Chad Cleaver '00 challenges all Chicago alumni. He will give $20 for each Windy City alumnus who gives on 4.22.


In honor of the Class of 2000's 15-year reunion, Chad Cleaver '00 will donate $15 for each Class of 2000 member who gives on 4.22.  


Rob Dyer '13 is challenging current Fiji members. He will donate $5 for every current FIJI undergrad who donates; and $10 for every member of the FIJI 2013 pledge class who donates on 4.22.


Kenneth Crawford '69 will give an additional $25 for each member of the Class of 1969 Independents who donates on 4.22.

Bryan Roesler '06 is challenging his FIJI pledge class and will make an additional $5 gift for each 2006 FIJI who makes a gift on 4.22.

Jeffrey Rice '00 will match every dollar donated by Phi Psi members of the Class of 2000 up to $2500.


Joseph Samreta '95 challenges the Class of 1995 to make a donation on 4.22. He will donate $5 for each of the first 40 donations made by class members.


To help send Andy Walsh ’14, to an international research conference, the Psychology Department is raising funds for the Special Psychology Fund. For every gift made to the Special Psychology Fund, the Psychology faculty will match $5 up to $650.


John Burrell '69 is challenging his Class of 1969 Kappa Sigma pledge brothers and will give an additional $25 for each member of the pledge class who gives on 4.22.


Sherry Ross will give $2.00 for every Wabash Woman on campus who makes a gift on 4.22.


Robert Van Kirk '07 promises additional fund matching for those who earmark donations to the Thomas Van Kirk Fund.


Ken Crawford '69 will give $500 to the Class of '69 Dean Moore Scholarship Fund on 4.22 and will match each gift to our Dean Moore Fund on 4.22 with $50.


Scott Dreher ’82 challenges the Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse Advisory Committee (WDPD-AC) to donate to support Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse. Scott will add $50 per WDPD-AC gift. If all 14 AC members donate today, Scott will give another $50 per WDPD-AC gift. Additionally, Dr. Sara Drury and the WDPD Democracy Fellows will donate $5 for any donor gifts to the Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse initiative up to $200.


Mark Elrod '99 will make a $5 donation for every Delt '99 who donates and any Delt or faculty who attended a Delt dinner I prepared.


Tom Welch '94 will donate $25 for each of the the first 20 Kappa Sig donors to the house fund from the classes of 1991-97 to honor those lost: Matt McDermitt, Jon Teuscher, Tony Phillips, and Ronja Leopold-Holle.


Greg Peckham '82 is challenging his Phi Psi pledge brothers and will make an additional $20 gift for each 1982 Phi Psi who makes a donation on 4.22.


David Miller will donate $25 for every current or former Wabash wrestler who contributes at least $50 to the wrestling fund today.


Class of 2003: The most donors we've ever had in a year was last year with 83 donors. If we can get 75 donors from the Class of 2003 to give TODAY--on 4.22--five members from our class have agreed to match, dollar for dollar, gifts for the Class of 2003 up to the first $2003. Let's Go for 2!


Richard Bowen, Glee Club Director, will give an additional $10 (up to $500), for donations by Glee Club alumni, members, and friends.


Professor Chad Westphal will donate $1 for each current calculus student who donates today. Further, for each dollar donated he will do one point worth of homework for the entire class for the rest of the year. For MAT 111 this means that if $40 is donated he will scan in full solutions for sections 5.3 and 5.4 and everyone in the class will get full credit. For MAT 112, a $40 total will get solutions and full credit for M4 and M5/6.


Howard Hewitt challenges anyone ever associated with The Bachelor to give today. He will match every gift of $25 and higher with an additional $5 of my own for the first 50 donors using the Bachelor Challenge. The Bachelor challenge was one of the biggest last year with nearly $5000. Let's Go for Two and top it this year! #Bachelor422


Rick Cavanaugh '76 will match up to $10 for each gift from the 67 undergraduate members of Psi Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta


Rick Cavanaugh '76 challenges the Class of 1976 to stand T.A.L.L. for Wabash on 4.22. I will match up to $10 for each gift by a member of the Class of 1976 up to $422.00.


Jon Pactor '71 challenges the TKE Alumni Board Of Advisors to give on 4.22. He will give $200 if there is a 100% participation by board members.


Tyler Wade '12 and Kyle Bender '12 will each donate $2 for every member of the Class of 2012 who donates on 4.22!


Mike Raters '85, Steve Hoffman '85, Mike Warren '93 and Tyler Wade '12 will each donate $2 for each alumnus employee of the College who donates on 4.22


Joe Trebley '01 will donate $5 for each of the first 20 gifts from members of the Class of 2001. WAF!


Greg Jania '93 challenges the 1993 Phi Kappa Psi class by offering to match every gift made today by members by $50.


Since today her grandson's third birthday, Cathy Metz wants to celebrate by increasing her $3 challenge by an additional $3 up to $150 for every grandparent on campus that gives today.


Stephen Waymire '60 is challenging his Class of 1960 classmates for their 55th reunion and will give $100 for each of the first 60 members of the Class of 1960 who make a gift on 4.22.


The current brothers of Beta Theta Pi would like to challenge its alumni to make a donation on 4.22. Each brother in the house has pledged $5 for a total donation of $385.


Don't be feckless! In honor of longtime chapter adviser John Fischer and his upcoming honorary doctorate from the College, several alumni of Lambda Chi Alpha are challenging alumni, family, and friends of Lambda Chi to give to either the Lambda Chi Legacy Fund or the Annual Fund. These alumni will match gifts made today in honor of Noble John dollar-for-dollar up to $6,500.


Two Wabash College staff members, Michelle Janssen and Adam Van Zee ’07 challenge all parents, alumni and friends of Wabash with ties to Logansport, IN, to participate generously during the 2nd Day of Giving at the College.  If Sycamore, Haps and  B & K bring a tear to your eye or a smile to your lips, this is your challenge. Gifts will be matched dollar for dollar up to $500.  Go Wabash!


Willyerd '75 and Marta Collier challenge all former students who were helped by the Horace Turner Fund during his 30+ years as Director of the Malcolm X Institute to give on 4.22. The Colliers will contribute an additional $500 if those who Horace helped contribute $9,000 by the end of this event.


Professor Emeritus Melissa Butler H'85 challenges women on the Wabash faculty to give on 4.22. For the first 10 who give at least $25, she will add $25.


James Williams '88 challenges every Sigma Chi graduate between 1985 and 1991 to give today, For all who do, he pledges to give an additional $25.


Roland Morin, '91, will give an additional $5 for each current student who has completed the Center for Innovation, Business & Entrepreneurship (CIBE) summer LABB or BIP program and allocates all or part of their gift to the CIBE.


Anthony Hart '87 has challenged members of the Mighty Class of 1987... I will again pledge an additional $5 for any gift made by midnight tonight to Wabash of at least $10 from members of our class. If you are a fellow Independent from the Class of 1987, I will add $10 to any gift you make by midnight tonight of at least $10.


Greg Jania '93 is sweetening the deal the deal by offering to match every gift made today by members of the Wabash Finance Alliance by $50.


Jacob Pactor '04 will give an additional $2 for any current student who donates today.


Scott Medsker '03 and Tom Welch '94 challenge all Kappa Sig undergrads to donate today. If all Kappa Sigma undergraduates donate to the college today, both Scott and Tom will donate another $100 designated to the house, and other Kappa Sig alumni have stepped up to add their dollars as well.

Go for 2 on 4.22