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Gifts will be designated for the Annual Fund unless specified below
For questions or to give by phone call 877-743-4545.


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AFFINITY challenges


Let's show our strength as #OneWabash and make 3,419 gifts in one day. Wabash stands to receive $400,000 for students and their life-changing education.

Unlock four amounts of the challenge by achieving the four benchmarks below. These represent the number of students on campus this spring, Wabash's founding year, one more gift than our goal last year, and our goal this year.

Challenge 810 = $50,000
Challenge 1,832 = $75,000
Challenge 2,701 = $100,000
Challenge 3,419 = $175,000
Bonus Challenge 4,000 = $25,000

A special thanks to our 4.19 challenge donors:
Trustees Jay Allen '79, Steve Bowen '68, Jim Davlin '85, Jennifer Evans, Ray Jovanovich '84, Frank Kolisek '82, Cory Olson '85, Jeff Perkins '89, Kelly Pfledderer '96, Gary Reamey '77, Walt Snodell '68, and Tom Walsh '73, and alumni Tony Caldwell '07, Ryan Clougherty '02, Andrew Naugle '98, and Nick Su '12

Affinity Challenges

An affinity challenge is a pledge made by an individual or group that "challenges" others with whom they are associated to make a gift on 4.19. If that donation is made, they will pledge an additional amount of money per gift.

Inspire people from your class, living unit, metropolitan area, clubs, and beyond to show they are #OneWabash by making you pay!

In the spirit of One Wabash, all gifts made to Athletics affinity challenges will support an Athletic Director's Fund to strengthen all aspects of every Wabash team.


Eric Schoette '93 will match $10 per gift from members of the Wabash Club of Chicago (up to $1,000).


Ryan Daming, Eriks Janelsins, and Rick Strasser will give $10 for any gift from members of the Class of 2002.


For this year's Day of Giving, I will match dollar-for-dollar the first $5 given by each current Wabash freshman today up to $1,200. #OneWabash


Theater faculty will donate $4.19 for every gift in honor of our friend Prof. Dwight Watson, who is retiring this year after 36 years of service to the College and its students.


For every member of the Class of 2009 who makes a donation today, in any amount, Joseph Merkley '09 will donate $5. With 195 of us that would bring my potential total gift to $975, but should we miraculously hit 100%, I'll round to $1,000. The count is everything for this challenge - PARTICIPATE!


The Wabash College SPORTS MEDICINE staff is challenging all current and former STUDENT-ATHLETES to donate on 4.19. The sports medicine staff will personally donate an additional $4 (up to $100) for every donation to the Sport Medicine Affinity Challenge. #OneWabash


For every donation made to any of #OneWabash's 11 athletic programs (and Athletic Training!), Greg Shaheen will donate $10. WAF!


In celebration of our daughter's marriage earlier this year to Josh Bleisch '16, I, Julie Raters, challenge all who, like Morgan and me, have married into the Brotherhood to contribute the amount of the year of your marriage (I married Mike in $19.88, Morgan married Josh in $20.17).  I will also contribute $3 for each spouse who answers this challenge, up to $300.  If there are 100 contributions to this, I'll add another $200.  We love Wabash and, especially, our Wabash Men!


Joe ('01) and Mary Trebley will give $10 for every gift from members of the class of 2001 (up to $300).


Dean Moore Scholarship...For each donation on 4/19 to the Class of '69 Dean Moore Scholarship, an additional gift of $40 will be made to the fund.


Marines of Wabash, military affiliated Wabash Men and supporters around the globe, please join in the fight for #OneWabash!. For each gift to this challenge, Carter Adams '15, Corey Egler '15, and Eddie Pingel '15 will match with $5. Semper Fi and WAF!


For each member of the Class of 1988 making a gift of at least $50, James Williams '88 will make an additional gift of $15.


For any Sigma Chi giving a gift of $100, James Williams '88 will make an additional gift of $25.


Kappa Sigma Class of 1969: John Burrell '69 will match any gift in my Affinity group with a $25 contribution. So if someone donates $1 under KappaSigma69 I will match it with $25!


The brothers of Kappa Sig challenge all of its alumni to make a gift in the spirit of #OneWabash. The active members of the house will donate $5 per gift for every gift made to the KappaSig challenge, up to $500.


Chris, Jim, and Sammie Amidon will give $10 for any gift from actors, directors, and designers of Wabash College Theater — or those alumni and friends who have appreciated our nationally ranked theater over the years.


In an effort to encourage students in their efforts to reach 100% student giving, Deans Raters '85 and Welch '99 will make a gift of $4.19 for every 17 students who give today on 4.19.  Dean Raters will also give the dollar amount for each percentage point above 90%.


NMR is a powerful tool for determining molecular structures. If you ever interpreted a NMR spectrum, this challenge is for you!  Wabash recently replaced its 400 MHz NMR spectrometer. The Wabash Chemistry Department faculty will donate $4 for every donation given, up to $400.


For every gift made by a member of the Class of 2014 today, Class Agent Scott Morrison will give an additional $1. Let's go 2014, let's represent well today!


Shane Xinyang Xuan '16 will donate $5 for anyone affiliated with the political science department (up to 50 people).


Adam Collins '02 challenges Beta Alumni from 1999-2016 to make a gift and promote #OneWabash. For every donor who uses the Affinity Code BetaThetaPi, Adam will donate $10 up to the first 100 donors.


Herm Haffner '77 challenges all Sigma Chi alumni, family, friends to make a gift today. Herm will donate $5 per gift for the first 100 gifts made using the SigChi challenge code.


Did you play at Mud Hollow with Coach Martin between 2000-03? If so Justin Vander Iest will give $10 (up to $250) for every gift from anyone that played with Coach Martin. Welcome Back Jake!!


TKE “Pie In The Face” Challenge. Jon Pactor ’71 will donate $10 for each Teke or each family member of a Teke who donates to Wabash using the TKE challenge today, up to 100 donors.


John Bridge '72 challenges all Bachelor staff members and Bachelor readers to make a gift today. John will donate $5 (up to $400) for every gift made using the challenge code "Bachelor." John will donate an additional $100 when we reach 60 gifts.


This is no fake. Frank Ling '70 will add $5.00 to each gift made today by soccer players and fans.


Seven members of the Class of 2015 -- Andrew Dettmer, Jacob Burnett, Seton Goddard, Sky King, Will Folsom, Tyler Andrews, and Tyler Owensby -- will donate $5 as a group for every classmate who gives today.


On this Fourth Down, #OneWabash is going for it! Head Coach Don Morel challenges all Wabash football players and fans to make a gift today. Coach will donate $1 (up to $400) for every gift made using the challenge code "Football." In return for showing our #OneWabash spirit, Coach will donate an additional $100 when we reach 400 gifts.


To all of the women who work on the Wabash campus and to those who have been effected by the great work these women do, the Women on Campus challenge you to make a gift today and show that we are #OneWabash. Nicole Mitchell, Jamie Ross, Beth Swift, Linda Weaver, and Suzanne Zadai will donate an additional $2.00 for each gift made with the “Women on Campus” affinity code, up to a total of $150.00.   


Richard Bowen, Glee Club Director, and Rob Shook ’83, incoming NAWM President, will match each donation by Glee Club alumni and friends, up to a total of $1000. Further, if 200 or more individuals donate to the Glee Club affinity challenge, Dr. Bowen will make an additional gift of $500.


Independents of Wabash, Show Your Strength. Anthony Hart '87, Joe Pieters '89, and Jacob Isaacs '99 invite all Independent alumni, family, and friends to make a gift in celebration of #OneWabash. For each gift made today, Anthony, Joe, and Jacob will add $3 up to $600 total.


A group of 2012 grads will donate $12.05 for every classmate who gives today. Our five-year reunion is this June. Sign up now!


Class of 1987 - Less than 1 month from now - May 17th - it will be 30 years since we graduated.  The Bachelor’s front page said: “Not since 1975 has Wabash College seen a graduating class as small as that of 1987.” This year, Anthony Hart ’87 is pledging an additional $5 for any gift of at least $10 from members of the Class of 1987. If you are a fellow ’87 Independent, he will add $10 to your gift. In celebration of 30 years, if 30 classmates donate today, the matching donation will be doubled.  And, if you are registered for Big Bash, $5 will be added to your gift in addition to these!


To up last year's challenge to the "Largest Class to Matriculate and Graduate from Wabash College," class agents Kip Aitken and Hugh Vandivier have reinforcements. Classmates Rich Calacci, Drew Crousore, Mike Hawksworth, Troy Hockemeyer, John Keith, Roland Morin, and Tim Oliver each pledge $1 for each member of the Class of '91 who makes a gift during the Day of Giving. One Class, #OneWabash!


Scott Fendley will give $7 for every Delt from the classes of 1985 to1991 who makes a gift today. 


Best of the 80s class giving competition! Celebrating the best decade of rock and roll and Wabash alums, which class can generate the largest number of donors, highest class giving percentage, and amount given? For all classes, 1980-1989. Challenge code: Bestof80s


Members of the Delta Tau Delta advisory team (Jim Dimos, Nick Prihoda, Mark Elrod, Jeremy Vanscoy, Tony Quandt & Aus Brooks) will collectively donate $5 per Delt who donates to this year's Day of Giving.


Professor Westphal will donate $1 for every Wabash math major, past, present, and future, who donates on 4/19 with the 'MathMajor' affinity tag.


Chad Cleaver '00 challenges all Phi Psi alumni to make a gift on 4.19. For every gift from this group, Chad will make an additional $10 gift.


Marc Nichols, the incoming NAWM VP, and Adan Garcia, NAWM Admissions Committee Chair, challenge members of Unidos Por Sangre and friends and family of the Wabash Latino community to show how they are #OneWabash by making a gift -- big or small -- today. Marc and Adan will contribute an additional $10 for each gift made today, up to $500.


Head Tennis Coach Jason Hutchison knows that #OneWabash can make a huge "racquet" on 4.19. That is why he is donating $2 (up to $500) for every gift  that uses the Tennis challenge code.


John Kasey ’08 will give $4.00 for every donation made to Wabash on behalf of Swimming and Diving.


To support students who are conducting research this summer, the Psychology Department is raising funds for the Special Psychology Fund to support travel to conferences and research expenses for students completing summer research internships this year. For every gift made to the Special Psychology Fund, the Psychology faculty will match $10 dollars up to $850.


Lambda Chi Leads! A challenge from alumni directors of the Alpha Kappa Zeta Home Association to all Wabash Lambda Chis, friends and family to support the Wabash College Annual Fund. 200 donors using the code LCALEADS, will unlock $5000 in additional donations to Wabash.


Head Lacrosse Coach Todd Richardson challenges the Wabash College Lacrosse team, parents, alumni, friends, and supporters to donate on 4.19! Coach Richardson pledges to donate $1 (up to $100) for every donor who makes a gift to Wabash today. In addition, for every gift of $50 or more, Coach Richardson will donate an additional $2.


#OneWabash circles the globe and Rob Shook invites all alumni and students who came to Wabash from outside the US or currently live outside the US to make a gift today. For every gift made with the CircletheGlobe affinity code on 4.19, Rob will donate $10.00, up to $500.


Fore! every donation from Wabash Golfers, Kyle Nagdeman will give $4.00 per gift up to $150.00.


Kenny Farris '12, Sam Starbuck '12, and Coach Colin Young will each give $1 for every gift made to Wabash today using the Cross Country challenge code. Let's show them how #OneWabash leads the pack.   


Tony Unfried ’03 invites all alumni, family, and friends of the Class of 2003 to make a gift to Wabash today. When we reach 40 donors, Tony will add $5.00 to all gifts made to the challenge, up to $300.00. Let's show that the class of ought 3 can get more than 40 donors for the 4th Day of Giving!


Jeff Rice and Tim Craft challenge alumni, friends, and family of the Class of 2000 to make a gift to Wabash today. Jeff and Tim will add $10 to each gift up to $700. 


Class agents Kyle Rapp and Joe Samreta challenge the Class of 1995 to make a gift. Kyle will donate $320 in honor of the 32 men from '95 who gave last year. If we beat that by 1 person, he will donate another $330. In addition, Joe will donate $10 for every member who gives on this day (up to 25).


Nothing but Net. Marcus Kammrath ’16 challenges Wabash Basketball alumni, family, and friends to make a gift to #OneWabash. For every gift made to this challenge, Marcus will give $3.00 up to $500. When this challenge reaches 100 gifts, Tyler Wade '12 will donate an additional $100. 


Hey batter, batter. Coach Jake Martin wants you to knock one out of the park today for #OneWabash. For every gift to the Baseball challenge, Coach Martin will add $1.00 up to $400.00. 


"Wally on Wheels: A Civil Rights and African American Music Road Trip” is taking 30 Wabash students to the Deep South in Fall 2017. Professor Shamira Gelbman and Professor Kristen Strandberg will add $5.00 to each of the first 50 gifts made to this challenge. The first $1000 will fund the Thanksgiving meal during the week-long immersion trip. All additional dollars raised will be contributed to the Horace Turner Fund. 


The Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men (IAWM), in celebrating #OneWabash, will donate $10 per gift, up to 100 gifts, for each Indianapolis-area alumnus who participates in the Day of Giving. Join us after work today at the Bent Rail Brewery at 5301 Winthrop (in south Broad Ripple). Festivities start at 4:19 PM!


Alumni, students, family and friends of Phi Delta Theta are challenged to celebrate being the longest continuously-active fraternity at Wabash as well as in our national fraternity. If we reach 167 gifts today in honor of our 167 years at Wabash College, a $1000 donation will be made to the school on behalf of the pledge class of 1952 and in memory of Robert Hugh Aloysius Archibald Cameron Dyer III.


Jack Mansfield Jr. ’01 challenges the Wabash and Crawfordsville communities to make a gift to say thank you for all of the academic, fine arts, and athletic events the College offers everyone. In honor of the 22 years that Trainer Jack Mansfield Sr. worked at Wabash College, Jack will add $22.00 to each gift made today up to $550.00. 


Alex Moseman '11 challenges Wabash Track and Field alumni, parents, and friends to donate to the Wabash Day of Giving. Alex will donate $4 (up to $250) for every gift made to Wabash in honor of Track and Field. M.O.W.N.B.U!


Gary Campbell will give $10 for every Delt pledge brother from the class of 1999 who makes a contribution on the Day of Giving.


For each person associated with the Class of 1966, Jay Fisher will add $20 to each person’s gift, up to $1000 total.  


Mark Sutton will match gifts dollar-for-dollar from 1992 Phi Delt alumni up to $1,000.


John Castro ’97, Joel Tragesser ’94, Greg Jania '93, and Tom Watson ‘91 challenge you to support student participation in professional immersion site experiences. For every donation made to the Professional Development Fund, this group of alumni will donate an additional $5 (up to $1750 total).


For all who have participated in a CIBE program, now is your chance to win $5 in a Roland Morin "Five-Dollar Challenge." Roland will give $5 for each of the first 50 gifts to the CIBE.


Rick Cavanaugh '76 will match up to $25 of gifts made by a member of the Class of 1976 on 4.19. #OneWabash


A small group of 2016 alumni are challenging their class to be #OneWabash. If 80% of the Class of 2016 gives today (at least 155), then this group of challengers will make an additional gift of $1,000. As an added bonus if the goal is met, Jake Norley and Scott Purucker will buy 2 kegs for any 2016 alumnus who attends Big Bash this summer.


Members of Theta Delta Chi will add $25 to each gift made to Wabash today in honor of Theta Delta Chi’s 25th Anniversary. TDX, show your strength! #OneWabash Matt Meyer ‘12 , Jim Leuck ‘09, Todd Vogel ‘04, Jim Hawksworth ‘95, Allen Clingler ‘02, Ryan Clougherty ‘02, Kyle O’Keefe ‘08, Jefferson Crew ‘05, Jacob Surface ’11, David Zimmerman ‘93


2017 marks the 60-year reunion of the Class of 1957!!! David Orr is asking fellow classmates and their family members to join him in celebrating this major milestone and will add $100 to each gift made today.


Jacob Pactor & Mark Shreve will donate an extra $1 to every Class of 2004 gift and $5 for every new donor from the Class of 2004.


Members of the Global Health Initiative Advisory Committee are offering a dollar-for-dollar match up to $5,000 when gifts include the GlobalHealth affinity code.


Wabash Wrestling this year brought home its 3rd straight National Trophy, won 3rd in the Country, sent 7 to Nationals, and placed 4 All Americans! Our 4 time national champ, Riley Lefever, made NCAA history. To keep momentum going, we aim to raise $15,000 to replace equipment, allow expanded travel, and support the general facilities wrestlers use. Three donors, Dr. Dan Emerson '98, Dr. Chris Healy '05 and David Miller, are each pledging $2,500 in matching funds. For each donor who gives $100, an equal match will be made until we reach $15,000. Donations in any amount are welcomed. We believe!!


Rob Dyer, Rudy Altergott and Adam Soshnick will collectively match the first $1,006.50 donated by members of the Class of 2013 under the Challenge Code 2013Match.  Help 2013 reach $2013!?


Terry Archambeault '05 will give an additional $1, on top of his 4.19 gift, for every donation made today by a religion major or those honoring Dr. Webb or Dr. Placher. If this breaks $2000, he will increase this amount to $2; if $4000, he will increase to $3.


Marc Nichols '92 and Rob Shook '83 will give $10 for each of the first 100 donors using the shOUT affinity code, up to $1000.


The National Association of Wabash Men Board President, Rick Cavanaugh '76, wants to support students' efforts in reaching 100% student participation on 4.19. Rick will put an additional $1,000 on the line today if every student on campus makes a gift.


If 100 parents of Wabash Men give today, the members of the Parents Advisory Committee (Bob and Sue Black, Beth Bell, Greg and Trudy Selvia, Rob and Kathy Wunderlich, Hank Hunt and Patsy WebberHunt, Mike and Barb Stewart, Jim and Krista Schulz, Keith Fishe, Dave and Kim Doster, Troy and Kara Riggs) will unlock a gift of $6,000 to strengthen the opportunities of current students. This challenge is open to parents of any current, past, or future Wabash students.


Emmanuel Aouad, Will Hoffman, and Kevin Long will donate $10 (up to $1,000) for every member of the Class of 2010 that makes a gift today!


To help support students elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the PBK members of the Wabash staff and faculty are raising funds to cover the costs of the students’ membership fees. For every gift made to support Phi Beta Kappa, the PBK staff and faculty will match $10 up to $250.


In support of the excellent work done by students of Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse, Advisory Committee member Scott Dreher '82 has pledged to match up to $5,000 of gifts in the WDPD Affinity Challenge.  In addition, the Democracy Fellows are donating $5 for the first 40 gifts made with the WDPD Affinity Challenge.


Supporters of the MXI are challenging members, friends, and family of the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies to show they are #OneWabash by making a gift today. Once 100 gifts are made, the following leaders will make an additional $17,500 contribution: Eugene Anderson, Kevin Chavous, Willyerd Collier, Daryl Johnson, Steven Jones, Joseph Mims, Keith Nelson, Marc Nichols, and Bob Wedgeworth.


In honor of the Class of 2007's 10-Year Reunion (June 2-4), Reunion Gift Leaders Zach Foughty '07, Andrew McKone '07, and Professor Kay Widdows H'07 will add $10 to every Annual Fund gift made by a member of the Class of 2007. As an added bonus, they will also sponsor the first round of drinks for classmates who give at the class reunion reception at Crawfordsville's new Backstep Brewery on Friday, June 2.


A group of FIJIs is challenging all FIJI alumni, family, and friends to make 200 gifts today. If this goal is met, Michael Carper '13, Will Weber '11, and John Henry '10 will make an additional gift of $1000. Let's show #OneWabash by beating all of the houses. 


Melissa Butler H’85 will donate $10 for every woman faculty member up to 25 total (including emerita) who contributes today. 


Women love Wabash too! For the first 200 women who make a gift today, a group of women will increase each gift by $20, up to a total of $4,000! Andrea Pactor, Marianne Isaacs, Susan Dyer, Lora Hess, Michelle Janssen, Molly Deuberry Craft, Jess Blackburn, Sarah Estell, Stevee Clifton, Patti Cavanaugh, and Kim Warren challenge you to Show Your Strength #One Wabash!


By visiting our Inside the Numbers page, you'll be able to see which living units, sports, and other groups are leading the day. Ask people to step up! By inspiring those you know, you are helping everyone come together as #OneWabash and make a bigger impact on students. It wouldn't be Wabash without some friendly competition!

Recent 4.19 Gifts

We thank the alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends who have given today to support Wabash College. Please click here to view the complete 4.19 Honor Roll.

Below are the most recent gifts made today.

Marta Collier
Marianne Isaacs
Michael Wisser 1997
Rob York
Carlos Gonzalez 2002
Ashley Sneed 2016
Buddy Lobermann 2017
Christopher McCauley 2011
hugh jackson 2009
Robert Chamness 1975
Anthony Douglas
Deepak Shrivastava 2001
John Fox 1964
Harrison Smith
Stanley Sibell 1964
Tom Reams 1962
Thomas Billings 1963
Richard Chilausky 1967
Ashish Baiju 2015
Barbara Schumacher