Mitchum Crock Big Success

July 15, 2005.  The 2005 edition of the Mitchum Crock was another great success. The Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men (IAWM) hosted over 130 golfers at the Golf Club of Indiana in Zionsville, Indiana.  Despite a passing thunderstorm that halted play for a short time, and soaked the entire field, everyone played a full 18 holes of golf.

The Wabash golf team also participated in the outing providing "help as needed" on a par 3 and with a drive on a par 4.  All told, the golf team raised a tidy sum of money to help offset their expenses for the coming year.
The winners of the 2005 Crock were Mike Sullivan '89, Pat O'Hara '89, Kevin Egan '89, and Drew Northern '89.

Many thanks go to the following:  Brad Johnson ’71, IAWM president, and the Crock committee:  Lee Clark ’73, Mike Shaver ’73, Kelley House ’90, and Tim Oliver ’91.

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