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The Sound of God
by Stephen H. Webb '83




Voices Raised

"To be given a voice is to be set free."

- Prof. Stephen H. Webb from his 2003 Charles D. LaFollette Lecture

A Man’s Life: Arm Wrestling at Dinner
The man who created Rambo reveals the genesis of his most famous character and the yearning that drives his fiction.

by David Morrell

Voices Raised

Minspeak, invented by Bruce Baker '65, gives voice to those with cerebral palsy and other injuries and opens the door to their independence and pursuit of vocation.
by Steve Charles

Giving Voice to the Land

One of Wabash's greatest archival treasures helped the nation preserve a treasure of its own.
by Beth Swift

Seeing is Believing
Pastor Greg Manning '96 strives to transform a Kansas City inner city congregation into a "picture of heaven."

by Evan West '99

Faculty Gallery: "To the Happy Few"
Chemistry professor John Zimmerman H'67 tells the stories behind the names scrawled on the Goodrich Hall elevator shaft--and his former students tell a few Z stories of their own!

by John Zimmerman

Voices from Along the Tracks
Minnesota Publisher of the Year Greg Britton '84 is giving voice to first-generation immigrant writers and re-shaping the national image of Garrison Keillor's state.

by Steve Charles


Wabash Moments

Within these Walls
The Chapel is the architectural focus of the Wabash campus, but this fall and winter it was the spiritual and emotional center as well.

"Our poet . . . our prophet"
Current Wabash poet and English Department Chair Marc Hudson orchestrated a gathering of Wabash legends to honor one of their own: the late Don Baker, professor and poet-in-residence.

A winner defined
When former Woodberry Forest School and Blue Ridge School wrestling coach Dick Glover '65 was named to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame this fall for his lifetime service to the sport, he had much to say at his induction ceremony.

Going the distance
While more than 200 harriers stretched and prepared for the Wabash Hokum Karem Cross Country Race last August, a dozen members of the Wabash chapter of the College's service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, were doing a little stretching of their own.

Passing the torch
One legend paced the sideline at the 110th Monon Bell Classic while two future legends helped the Wabash football team keep the 300-pound trophy for a third consecutive season with a 37-20 victory in the annual clash with DePauw.

The Messiah returns
If you are among the generations of alumni who sang with the Crawfordsville Community Chorus, these pictures may stir fond memories: the musical enthusiasm of Glee Club Director Bob Mitchum H'59, Crawfordsville residents who became your friends, and the beauty of powerful soprano and alto voices blending with tenors and basses in the College Chapel.

Faculty Notes

From Hip-Hop To History
I was up for my third semester review at Indiana University, where you sit in front of three Ph.D.s in your field and they decide whether to pass you into the Ph.D. program or to give you the axe—but I was totally distracted.
by John Aden '92

"Trusted Collaborators"
Theater professor and department chair Mike Abbott ’85 was studying theater at Wabash in the mid-1980s when professors Jim Fisher and Dwight Watson often cast several actors from the Crawfordsville community in their plays, as well as special guests from the Wabash faculty and staff.

Experimental Econ/Spanish Class Prompts Student Engagement
Wabash has once again set the benchmarks for several categories in the 2003 National Survey of Student Engagement. Such results don’t come by accident.

Quick Study
Wabash assistant professor of chemistry Lon Porter was an under-graduate creating new materials through organic chemistry at the University of Houston when he realized the life-enriching potential of strong student/professor bonds.

Making News and Connections for Wabash Students
Why is a picture of writer and Wabash Spanish professor Luis Aguilar-Monsalve posing with Ecuadorian President Colonel Lucio Gutiérrez and artist Consuelo Holquín-Pérez such good news for Wabash students?

Carrying on the tradition
Professor and poet Marc Hudson reads for students at December’s Acoustic Café.

At the podium
Featuring Greg Huebner, Eric Wetzel, and Scott Feller.

Featuring Paul McKinney, Rich Dallinger, Scott Feller, Jim Fisher, Todd McDorman, James & Patience Barnes, John Fischer, Joy Castro, Carl Thompson, Andrew Brannon, Andrew Heck, Eric Wetzel, and Raymond Williams.

Wabash Voices

"Beginner's Workshop: What Shall I Write About?"
poem by Donald W. Baker H'57

Suffering Christian
Everything sweats in the Philippines. Just two weeks in Los Baños sent me looking for a place to get my head shaved. A storefront nearby advertised "Nap’s Haircuts, Air Conditioned," and I was sold. Stepping in, I was greeted by a Filipino in a white barber coat. He sat me down and wasted no time starting a conversation.
by John Schendel Rose '05

"The Smell of Non-living" & "When You Pray"
poems by Andrew Dits '07



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