The Wabash Collegians, 1939-40

The Wabash Ambassadors, 1940

Fall 1998

From our Archives: By Two or By Twenty

Whether inspiring two students to get a radio station off the ground, or two dance bands to "compete" during the dance-crazy days of the swing era, team spirit has always led Wabash men to accomplishments they'd never before imagined.

Before 1962, according to the 1964 Wabash , "Wabash had no voice on the airways. Then Dave Stapleton '65 (pictured at right, seated) founded WWCR. His death in an automobile accident could have silenced that voice forever; instead, sophomore Jim Williams '66 (shown above with Ronald Retting '65 during the station's inaugural year) kept the dream going with a little money and a lot of personal drive. From the live broadcast of away football games to coverage of the Mock Convention, every campus event was reported instantly by WWCR. Each important visitor was interviewed by Williams and his staff."

WWCR became WNDY in 1966.

Earlier in the century, the swing era provided musical opportunities for two College swing bands-The Wabash Ambassadors and the Wabash Collegians. The Collegians played large dances throughout the state during the school year and Columbia University in the summer. The "sweeter swing" of the Ambassadors earned the group bookings on the White Star Lines and French Lines trans-atlantic crossings!






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