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Wabash Professor's Approach to Business Ethics Appeals to Leaders from Former Soviet States

Professor Fisher Named
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Chemistry "Sweeps" Teaching Awards

rofessor of History Peter Frederick led an interactive session on "Rethinking the American History Survey: Content and Methods" at the annual meeting of the American History Association in Atlanta. Frederick also serves as senior staff associate for the Council of Independent Colleges, where he consults with 10 colleges selected as promising models of innovative approaches to redefining faculty roles and rewards in relation to student learning. He has chaired two CIC faculty workshops on "Empowering Student Learners" in Omaha, Nebraska and Albany, New York. Continuing his work as consultant and workshop leader with the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion, Professor Frederick also led NEH workshops at Indiana State University on "Foundations of Democracy in Public Schools: Building a Pedagogy of Pluralism." He has also consulted at Carleton, Macalaster, Colorado College, and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Network on their Faculty Development and Teaching/Learning Improvement programs.


Assistant Professor of Mathematics Stefan Treatman presented a paper entitled "Euclidean Systems" at the American Mathematics Association-Mathematics Association of America meeeting in San Diego, California.


Professor of English Warren Rosenberg delivered a paper entitled "Hybrid Heroes (White Negroes and Protestant Jews): Norman Mailer and Jewish Male Violence" at the Midwest Jewish Studies Conference in Chicago on Oct. 20. Rosenberg also presented, with Mark Gehl '98 and Chris Perrin '96, a talk to the Chicago Alumni Association on "Teaching Men's Studies at an All-Male College" on December 4.


Assistant Director of Admissions Dr. Erik Lindseth '83 presented a paper entitled "Secular and Religious Elites in Angus and the Mearns: Reformation Ideology and Politics in Scotland" at the Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference in St. Louis, Missouri in October.


Associate Professor Robert Foote and Nathan Fouts '97 presented at two conferences--the Indiana Chapter of the Mathematical Association of America in April, and a National Science Foundation workshop at DePauw University in June--a computer program they wrote on using technology in undergraduate geometry and algebra classes. The program, PoincaréDraw, allows the user to make compass and straight edge constructions in hyperbolic geometry, and to interactively manipulate them. Some of the participants of the DePauw conference plan to use the program as the focal point for a collection of computer labs for geometry courses.


Professor of Political Science Edward B. McLean directed a colloquium on M. Stanton Evans' book The Theme is Freedom at Wabash College in the Goodrich Room.