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Copyright Compliance in Teaching and Learning at Wabash

All members of the Wabash community are expected to comply with U.S. Copyright Law, Title 17 of the United States Code and Fair Use, as well as to respect the intellectual property rights of others. Those who disregard the copyright compliance guidelines of the College place themselves at risk for possible legal action and may incur personal liability. Use of Wabash College information resources or information technologies that results in copyright infringement is prohibited. Employees of the College who direct or require others to copy or distribute copyrighted material in any format including, but not limited to books, movies, music, paintings, photographs, and software, have a responsibility to discourage copyright infringement, and to inform those copying or distributing copyrighted material to do so in compliance with U.S. Copyright Law.

This policy applies to all authorized users of the College’s information resources and technologies, as well as contractors and volunteers involved in the production of the College’s teaching or marketing materials. This policy is not intended to limit use by the community of material for which the College owns copyright.

For additional assistance, please contact Diane Norton.