John Charles Lecture - 'Presidents' Day: Are We Rome?'

    Location: Hays Science Hall: 104 Class of 1951 Lecture Hall
    Date: 02/17/20
    Time: 8:00PM - 9:30PM


    Presented by Karl Galinsky.

    Comparisons between ancient Rome and America are a perennial favorite; most of them prioritize moralizing in the guise of “learning from history”.  We will get past such superficialities and look at the phenomenon from a variety of perspectives, none of them exhaustive because we want to have time to discuss. Why have Roman themes resonated with the U.S. in politics, architecture, and popular culture? What are some real affinities? And yes, if you think you’ve found a Roman model for the American president of your choice we can go there during the discussion.

    Ticket Information: free and open to the public

    For more information please contact:
    Rachel Barclay
    Event ID:44695