Alex Gillham '13 Epicurus: the Distinction between Mortal & Immortal Goods

    Location: Center Hall: 216 Classroom
    Date: 11/14/18
    Time: 12:10PM - 1:00PM


              Epicurus on the Distinction between Mortal and Immortal Goods

    The concept of goods is prominent in Epicurus’ ethics, although the secondary literature has paid very little attention to what Epicurus takes a good to be. Epicurus also distinguishes between mortal and immortal goods specifically, but no one has attempted to make sense of what he takes the difference between these to be. In this talk, I hope to get clear on just what immortal and mortal goods are. I outline two possibilities. On one view, the goods themselves are either mortal or immortal. On the other view, the goods happen to be possessed by either mortal or immortal beings. If the first view is correct, then immortal goods are those that are permanent in their existence, and mortal goods are those that can go out of existence. If the second view is correct, then immortal goods are those that are possessed by beings who do not die, while mortal goods are those possessed by beings who do. Each view poses problems for Epicurus, but I argue that we should prefer the second view because it allows for greater coherence among Epicurus’ views.

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