VAS Presents: Leland Faulkner Presents World of Wonder

    Location: Fine Arts Center: Ball Theater
    Date: 11/05/18
    Time: 8:00PM - 9:00PM


    Leland Faulkner’s World of Wonder stimulates students’ imaginations through shadow-theater, illusion, and characters from around the world. Coming from an international background, Leland has created a multi-cultural theatrical program that is both sophisticated and accessible. Join Leland in exploring the source and properties of shadow, and the myriad possibilities in a single sheet of paper. Laugh at the classic humor of Nasruddin, the wise fool of the Muslim world, as he encounters an invisible chicken. Imagine a hat brim that is impossibly twisted into an infinite number of objects, marvel at paper butterflies that appear to dance and multiply, and explore the possibilities of light and shadow as Leland creates a menagerie of silhouettes with only his hands. Physical theater, classical conjuring, and creative storytelling create a performance that has been hailed internationally as a theatrical feast.


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