VAS Presents: Leland Faulkner Workshop

    Location: Fine Arts Center: Ball Theater
    Date: 11/05/18
    Time: 4:30PM - 4:30PM


    Theatre workshops with Leland Faulkner are exciting, fun, and full of learning. They provide a creative outlet for aspiring performers and teaches them the skills of character building, team work, leadership, participation, and appropriate expression. They will be empowered, and they will discover what it takes to create something original. Beginning at the beginning, Leland shows actors how to create dynamic theatre using nothing but their ability to move, their passion, and their imagination to create a great performance. Creating theatre using physical techniques does not require expensive equipment, or special effects, it only require willing bodies, and bright imaginations. In the process the students will develop interactive skills, and self-awareness that gives them tools to shape their lives. A typical workshop will include physical warm ups, mime technique, acting technique, theatre games, structured improvisations, and ensemble work based on literature or other themes. It is fun, and highly focused work that has a lot of carryover benefits for young actors. Performance skills are something a student will be able to take with them into the future, and will positively impact their lives for years to come. When students are empowered with the ability to feel comfortable expressing themselves, even in front of a room full of peers and strangers, they are no longer lost, mystified, or intimidated by the creative process; instead they will embrace it by creating original theatre. This is part of building self-esteem and a sense of identity. Understanding how the body works in communication is a key part of my approach to theatre. This work focuses on the physical, to create visual graphics using only the bodies, and voices of the actor/mimes. This is exciting work because it is accessible, is non-linear in its approach and creates a connection with the material that is highly personal and original. Students become all the set pieces, props, and environmental elements just through sound and movement. They may become tractors, chairs, sunsets, anything imaginable, without needing anything other than their bodies, and the ability to move. To reserve tickets for Leland Faulkner's Nov. 5, 8pm Visiting Artist Series performance in Ball Theater please visit,



    Ticket Information: free and open to the public

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    Minde Mills
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