Art Gallery Opening Reception: Magnificence

    Location: Fine Arts Center: Eric Dean Art Gallery
    Date: 09/11/17
    Time: 5:00PM - 6:30PM


    Artist: Ariel Lavery & Christopher M. Lavery

    Title: Magnificence


    The term magnificence derives from the mid 15th century French and stems even further back in linguistic history to the Latin originator of magnificus.  By definition alone magnificence equates itself with greatness, distinguished, and elevated.  It demonstrates the incomprehensible grasp we have on vast landmasses we govern.  We deem ourselves exemplary of magnificent form through conquering of geographies and life.  

    Magnificence also carries a tone of sarcasm or criticism in contemporary terms.  It alludes to privilege and exclusion, a notion of vastness and grandeur, elevated to luxury and brilliance.  Above all it signifies a timeliness in cultural attitude where a polarity exists, in great chasm, of inclusion and exclusion.  Diminutive human rights are being tucked away, both quietly and with remonstrance, in service to an abject performance of misery and suffrage, making way for a small percent of magnificent champions who interpret what is good progress.  The ambition of magnificence has brought on our own crisis with terra firma.  It represents mankind's limitations in matching his virility to the incredible landscape, the "God Given" country.  Our ability to conquer land, as it equates with mother nature, fails.  In its place a conquering of peoples, cultures, and societies bubble to the top to be scraped away, like the cream of fresh milk, and consumed to excess.  

    This exhibition poses questions and reflections on America’s current state of place within our political system as well as to the greater loss of mandate or proclamation of existence.  War, terrorism, global climate failure, political upheaval, amongst other offerings are explored as themes in the work.   


    This exhibition will be up until December 8, 2017. Gallery Hours: M - F, 9 - 5 p.m. and Saturdays 10 - 2 p.m.

    Ticket Information: free and open to the public

    For more information please contact:
    Minde Mills
    Event ID:42381