VAS Presents: Caleb Wiles

    Location: Fine Arts Center: M114 Salter Hall
    Date: 02/16/18
    Time: 8:00PM - 10:00PM


    You won’t catch him pulling a rabbit out of a hat or sawing a lady in half. Caleb performs modern magic designed for intelligent audiences. He uses ordinary objects such as cards, Rubik’s cubes, and dollar bills… and you won’t believe what he can do with them.  Caleb blends Magic and Mathematics into beauty.

    Whether he’s reading minds, influencing thoughts, or flat out performing the impossible, you are going to be buzzing with excitement.

    Even fellow magicians recognize Caleb as a leader in the field. He is a highly respected creator of new magic effects. His tricks have appeared in leading magic magazines, books, and DVDs. He is a sought after lecturer and was a regular columnist for magic’s premier magazine. His original tricks are performed by magicians all over the world.

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    Minde Mills
    Event ID:42293

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