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Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men 2

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The Board of Directors of the Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men (IAWM) is formed for the purpose preserving, promoting, expanding and extending the Wabash Community at large. Inasmuch as IAWM represents the largest regional membership of Wabash Alumni, and considering that IAWM is the regional chapter which includes the Wabash College Campus, itself, it is the election of IAWM to further state and extend its individual mission and goals.

The purpose of IAWM is to preserve, promote, extend and expand the Wabash Community beyond the years of matriculation. The Wabash Community has four distinct constituencies; the students, the faculty, the administration and staff, and the alumni. The body of alumni is by far the largest of these four constituencies, IAWM and it the mission and goal of IAWM to assure the growth and viability of the Wabash Community at large in four ways.

Preserve: It is the mission of IAWM to preserve the Wabash experience through a commitment to community and public service, through thoughtful dialogue between and among its individual constituencies and through sharing the history and tradition of Wabash with others.

Promote: It is the mission of IAWM to promote the Wabash experience as a unique opportunity for educational excellence, to promote its qualities to prospective students and to promote the Wabash experience as an excellent basis for professional service in both the public and private sectors.

Expand: It is the Mission of IAWM to expand the Wabash Community by linking the network of constituencies through social, professional and educational interaction, and by providing forums and opportunities for communication throughout the Wabash Community in order to share ideas and interests.

Extend: It is the mission of IAWM to extend the Wabash Community into the 21st century and beyond by embracing new graduates as they embark on their professional careers, and by providing a framework for interaction between alumni, community leaders, students, faculty and administration in an effort to assure the continued health and viability of the finest educational institution on earth.

The Board

2021 Officers

Kyle McClammer ’08, President    
Jim Dyer 83, Vice President
Mike Simmons 88, Treasurer    
Bill Goff 05, Secretary
Josh Nicholson ’04, Immediate Past President

Board Members

Through 2021

Keenan Blanchford ’98
Patrick Bryant ’16
Adam Burtner ’17
Jim Dyer ’83
Bill Goff ’05
Kyle Grand ’11
Steve Henke ’12
Josh Nicholson ’04
Joe Samreta ’95

Through 2022

Zach Brock ’11*
Shane Dunigan ’01
Jacob German
Adam Kirsch ’07*
Ndeto Mwosa ’08
Jon Pactor ’71
Cody Stipes ’11
Josh Tatum ’03
Terrance Tharp ’00
Tony Unfried ’03

Through 2023

Seamus Boyce ’03
Derick Busenbark ’03
Tim Craft ’00
Dustin DeNeal ’04
Marcus Kammrath ’16*
Jake Kolisek ’11
Jake Knott ’03
Kyle McClammer ’08
Rob Rudicel ’92
Jim Selvio ’89*
Mike Simmons ’88
Ian Ward ’19*


* New Board member



College Contact 

Steve Hoffman '85 - (765) 361-6236


The following records were compiled by "unofficial" IAWM historian Jon Pactor ’71. They will be updated once further information is uncovered.

Last updated November 16, 2018.


The term Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men probably came into being in the 19th century. Records of the IAWM are not the best. Clarence Merrill was president in 1924. Current records do not show a president until 1968. Starting for a few years in 1968, the term of the IAWM president was not a calendar year. At least since 1975, the term has been a calendar year, January through December.

1968 Thomas S. Hollett
1969 David Givens
?1970-71 Kiefer Mendehall
?1971-72 Les Nell
?1972-73 Alan C. Stanford
1974 *verifying record
1975 John V. Schlechte
1976 Stephen A.Claffey
1977 Stephen A.Claffey
1978 Lee Nickerson
1979 Stephen A. Claffey
1980 *verifying record
1981 *verifying record
1982 *verifying record
1983 Skip Adams
1984 David Shane
1985 Squier Neal
1986 Tom Ristine
1987 Eric Cavanaugh
1988 Samuel L. Montgomery
1989 Mac McNaught
1990 Lee Clark
1991 J.B. Bachman
1992 Mike Shaver
1993 Marty Gregor

1994 Christopher E. Baker
1995 Jim Dimos
1996-99 Jon Pactor
2000 Mark Lazar
2001 Tim Oliver
2002 John Bridge
2003 Hugh Vandivier
2004 Matt Griffith
2005 Brad Johnson
2006 David Waldman
2007 David Pippen
2008 Daryl Johnson
2009 Jim Kerr
2010 Larry Landis
2011 Jon Pactor
2012 Scott Benedict
2013 Tim Craft
2014 Steve Badger
2015 Dustin DeNeal
2016 Keenan Blanchford
2017 Brandon Clifton
2018 Tony Unfried
2019 Josh Tatum
2020 Josh Nicholson

2021   Kyle McClammer


The IAWM has long given a scholar-athlete award, sometimes called a student-athlete award, to the senior who has best demonstrated the combination of scholarship and athletics.

As typical, the record-keeping of the IAWM has not been the best, and piecing the winners is a work in progress The award is a cash prize and a plaque. The list below starts with 1984, but the award was given for several years before then. This list will be updated.

1984 Scott Douglas
1985 Mike Carter, Roger Grabner
1986 Michael Haugh, Robert Molloy
1987 Jay Herrmann
1988 Bill Ahrbecker
1989 Joe Turk
1990 Mike Funk, Brian Satterfield
1991 Steve Turk
1992 *verifying winner
1993 John Turk
1994 *verifying winner
1995 Bryan Popp
1996 Jeremy Wright
1997 Christopher Combs, Grant Comer, Joshua Robinson
1998 Daniel Emerson
1999 Kim King, Matthew Rose
2000 Jonathan Haug
2001 Joe Trebley
2002 Jared Smit
2003 Nate Boulais, Mark Sherer
2004 Nick Dawson
2005 Chris Healy
2006 Jared Bogan, Chris Ogden
2007 Patrick Millikan, Nathan Bates
2008 Brian Hilts
2009 Brock Graham
2010 Skip Tokar
2011 Seth Einterz 
2012 Kevin McCarthy 
2013 Weston Kitley
2014 JT Miller (pictured)
2015 Steve Batchelder, Billy McManus
2016 Daniel 
2017 Kyle Stucker
2018 Cody Cochran
2019 Erich Lange
2020 Hunter Jones
2021 Justin Kopp


In 1965, the men of DePauw and Wabash began to gather on the Thursday before the Monon Bell Game to celebrate their friendly and beloved rivalry. They made new friends and solidified old friendships. Over the years, men of both schools anxiously awaited the hilarious wit of Tommy Mont, DePauw's revered football coach, and the wondrous magic tricks of Thad Seymour, Wabash's president. The crowd consisted of trustees, presidents, football coaches, faculty, and alumni, young and old. Each school put forth a roaster to add to the merriment and good will. Roasters have included Andy Paine (DePauw), Bob Bottoms (DePauw), Phil Eskew (DePauw), Steve Goldsmith (Wabash), Dean Ben Rogge (Wabash), Bill Placher (Wabash), Vic Powell (Wabash), and an array of other faculty and alumni. The Stag stopped after 1992. The men of the two schools desired to return to the good old days and revived the stag in 2001. In 2014, DePauw backed out and held a separate event. The IAWM event continued first under the name Spirit of the Monon Bell and then as Rally for the Monon Bell.

Wabash Roasters

The following list contains the men who have honored Wabash men by roasting the Dannies since 1965. The list will be updated to fill in for the missing years starting with 1965.

1968    Vic Powell
1971    Walt Fertig
1970    Jack Charles
1972    Joe O'Rourke
1973    Eric Dean
1974    Robin Pebworth
1975    Vic Powell
1977    David Wilson
1983    Steve Goldsmith
1985    Vic Powell
1986    Mark Miles
1987    Jack Engledow
1988    Bill Placher
1990    David Orr
1991    Jon Pactor
1992    Kenneth Ganza

1993-2000    No Stag*
2001    Jon Pactor
2002    Jim Davlin
2003    Scott Quick
2004    Bob Grand
2005    Chris Carr
2006    Dr. J.D. Phillips
2007    Jon Pactor
2008    Dr. David Timmerman
2009    Jake Knott
2010    Nate Boulais
2011    Tom Fisher
2012    Jake Knott
2013    Brent Bridwell
2014-2019   No Stag**
2020   No Stag (COVID)

*No Stag was held because DePauw men withdrew from participation. The IAWM carried on with a Monon Bell celebration and roasted the hapless Dannies in their absence.

**Once again, DePauw backed out of the Stag. Instead the IAWM hosted a Spirt of the Monon Bell Celebration, later named Rally for the Monon Bell.

In 1981, the schools began to honor a Man of the Year, alternating between schools. Upon restarting the stag in 2001, the schools began to honor distinguished alumni, with Wabash honoring a DePauw alumnus each year and DePauw honoring a Wabash alumnus each year.

The award is now called the Spirit of the Monon Bell Award. Generally, the recipient is an alumnus who has done well in his profession and has given back to the community, bringing credit to his alma mater and to the liberal arts.

Spirit of the Monon Bell Award Winners


1981    Byron P. Hollett
1983    Richard O. Ristine
1985    A. Malcolm McVie
1987    Lewis S. Salter
1989    William J. Stout
1991    Daniel F. Evans
2001    Joseph T. Barnette, Jr.
2002    David N. Shane
2003    Christopher M. Carr
2004    K. Donald Shelbourne
2005    Andrew T. Ford
2006    James R. Cumming
2007    Tim Hewitt
2008    Chris Braun
2009    Jon Pactor
2010    Pete Metzelaars
2011    Tom Bambrey
2012    Frank Kolisek
2013    Dr. Tobey Herzog (pictured above)


1982    F. C. Tucker
1984    Andrew Paine
1986    Richard Warne
1988    William F. Welch
1990    Tommy Mont
2001    T. M. Englehart
2002    Michael Smith
2003    David Becker
2004    Stephen D. Williams
2005    Philip N. Eskew, Jr.
2006    Max W. Hittle, Jr.
2007    Tom Yeo
2008    Mark Dinwiddie
2009    Ken Owen
2010    Nick Mourouzis
2011    Brad Stevens
2012   Alan Hill
2013   Jeff McCall


The IAWM has honored a Man of the Year since 1975. Three women, Lou Ristine, Anne Ford, and Chris White have also been honored. This award has been presented at the annual Christmas Dance until 1994 when the party was moved to Valentine’s Day.

The event has morphed from a fancy dinner-dance to a Valentine’s Party to a Winter Gala then renamed to Winter Bash. In 2015, the IAWM took a year off to consider a new event. In 2016, the IAWM hosted the inaugural Leadership Breakfast and continued the awarding of Man of the Year at that event.

1975    John P. Collett
1976    Albert M. Campbell
1977    Richard O. Ristine
1978    Benjamin A. Rogge
1979    Donald B. Fobes
1980    R. Robert Mitchum
1981    Byron P. Hollett
1982    Victor M. Powell
1993    Celon H. Foust
1984    Norman C. Moore
1985    David S. Orr
1986    William J. Stout
1987    Carroll R. Black
1988    Richard O. & Lou Ristine
1989    Lewis S. Salter
1990    Will H. Hays
1991    Daniel F. Evans
1992    David W. Givens
1993    David Wilson
1994    Gordon C. Colson
1996    J. Lee McNeely

1997    Michael L. Eckerle

1998    James C. Snyder
1999    Donald P. Herring
2000    Jon Pactor and Joe Barnette
2001    Stanley L. Walker   
2002    James L. Amidon, Jr.
2003    Raymond B. Williams
2004    Andrew T. & Anne Ford
2005    Steve Charles
2006    Frank H. Hagaman
2007    N. Clay Robbins
2008    Robert T. Grand
2009    Mark Miles
2010    Dr. Robert “Bob” Einterz
2011    David Shane
2012    Richard Gunderman
2013    Chris and Pat White
2014    Ted Grossnickle
2015    no award
2016    Tom Runge
2017    Kelly Pfledderer
2018    John Bridge
2019    Don Shelbourne
2020    Mike Raters
2021    David Blix