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Academics - Chemistry Faculty & Staff

Academics - Chemistry Faculty & Staff

Richard F. Dallinger

Professor of Chemistry Emeritus

I joined the faculty of Wabash College in 1984, after four years on the chemistry faculty of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. I have taught general analytical, inorganic and physical chemistry at Wabash, and I have worked with 40 Wabash students in my research laboratory either as independent study students or summer interns. I have been the official scorer for the Wabash College basketball program since 1987. I am a passionate supporter of Aberdeen Football Club in Scotland.

My research involves the use of continuous and nanosecond pulsed lasers to probe the structure and dynamics of molecules, with applications in photochemistry and novel chemical materials. Since I have been at Wabash, I have held research appointments at CalTech, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Chicago and the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). I have served the American Chemical Society as Chair of the Division of Analytical Chemistry Graduate Fellowship Program and as a Visiting Associate of the Committee on Professional Training.


B.A. magna cum laude with a major in Chemistry, Bradley University, 1973
Ph.D. in Chemistry, Princeton University, 1978
Robert Welch Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Texas at Austin, 1978-1980


Chemistry 101 – Survey of Chemistry
Chemistry 111 – General Chemistry
Chemistry 171 – Special Topics
Chemistry 211 – Structure and Reactivity
Chemistry 331 – Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Chemistry 431 – Advanced Laboratory
Chemistry 441 – Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Chemistry 487 – Independent Study