Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our fifth Day of Giving for #OurWabash.

Thank you for taking the time to read our many emails and respond with one, two, or more gifts to support our Annual Fund. The theme #OurWabash truly resonated across the Wabash nation, and it was heartening to see this community strive together for #OurWabash.

Our alumni are second to none, but the number of gifts from parents, spouses, partners, friends, coaches, faculty, and staff makes us so much stronger and supports our time-honored mission of educating men to think critically, act responsibly, lead effectively, and live humanely. Our students, who themselves made significant contributions during the day, learned a wonderful lesson in philanthropy, which will stay with them long after their years on campus.

While the final numbers are still being tallied, it is clear that we surpassed our most audacious goals and received over 5,100 gifts totaling more than $1 million - likely to rise as we tally affinity challenge commitments and checks through the mail.

When the numbers are finalized, we will celebrate them on the College's website. Until then - and on behalf of all who live and learn here - thank you for caring so deeply; for giving so generously; and for striving together for #OurWabash.


Total Gifts
Total Given
AFFINITY challenges


This isn't just any day. This is our day to strive together for #OurWabash and make 4,180 gifts in one day. Wabash stands to receive $418,000 for students and their life-changing education from a group of Wabash leaders.

Unlock five amounts of the challenge by reaching the five steps below. These steps represent the number of students on campus this spring, Wabash's founding year, our fifth day of giving, one more gift than our goal last year, and our goal this year on 4.18.

A special thanks to our 4.18 challenge donors:
Trustees Steve Bowen '68, Greg '85 and Sarah Estell, Jennifer Evans and Jack Tankersley, Ray Jovanovich '84, Frank Kolisek '82, David Lewis '81, Kelly Pfledderer '96, Gary '77 and Joanne Reamey, Tom '73 and Anne Walsh, Bill Wheeler '83, and Paul Woolls '75 and Betty O'Shaughnessy-Woolls; and alumni Rob Sherwin '75 and Kristin Willard, Joe Turk Jr. '89, Greg '93 and Wendy Jania, Garrett '08 and Elaine Thiel, and Rob Dyer '13

Affinity Challenges

An affinity challenge is a pledge made by an individual or group that "challenges" others with whom they are associated to make a gift on 4.18. If that donation is made, they will pledge an additional amount of money.

Lead an affinity challenge, put your money on the line, and inspire people from your class, living unit, metro area, student organizations, and beyond - by reaching your friends and networks, you make a bigger impact on #OurWabash.

All gifts made to Athletics affinity challenges will support an Athletic Director's Fund to strengthen all our teams.

If you are interested in launching an affinity challenge, please submit this short web form here. After completing the form, we will review the details and provide a challenge code that you can share with your networks and our Wabash friends and family.


Derek Nelson '99 and Fabian House '16 challenge all alumni who work for the College to hearken back to the sepia-toned glorious days of your youth. If 35 of the 50 alum-employees contribute to #OurWabash on 4.18, Derek and Fabian will contribute $1,000.


The Bachelor has been reporting the news and opinions of #OurWabash since 1908. To celebrate 110 years of our award-winning newspaper, John Kerezy ’77, Scott Dreher ’82, and Cole Crouch ‘17 will add $10 to each gift made to this challenge by a Bachelor staff member, contributor, or reader. 


Coach Jake Martin is willing to give $400 when #OurWabash reaches 200 gifts to the baseball challenge. Let's knock this challenge out of the park! 


#OurWabash basketball wins when there are five guys on the floor and a full house of Chadwick Crazies in the stands. Let’s fill the “stands” (or this challenge) with 110 gifts and help Marcus Kammrath ’16 and Dan Purvlicis ‘16 put $500 on the board!


Eric Schoettle ’93 and Josh Owens ’07 are issuing a challenge to all brothers and friends of Beta Theta Pi.  For each gift made using the code “Beta,” they will match $7.50 for the first 100 gifts. 


Do you love robots? We love robots! For the first 101 donors using this affinity challenge code, Professor Colin McKinney will give $1.01.


Chad Cleaver '00 will give $10 for each gift made by #OurWabash Windy City alumni, family, and friends on 4.18.


Chip's Recruits Challenge - If Chip Timmons was your admissions counselor, he is challenging you to make a gift to support #OurWabash. For the first 100 gifts made to this challenge, Chip will add a $2.00 gift of his own.


Classics majors, minors, and general fans ... support the good work done in the past by Professors Charles, Bedrick, Fischer, L. Day, J. Day, and more! Show your support for the continued important work being done by Professors Kubiak, Hartnett, and Wickkiser with a gift today and Jeremy Walker '92 will cough up $5 for the first 100 to meet the Classics challenge.


For each person associated with the Class of 1966, Jay Fisher will add $20 to each person’s gift, up to $1,000 total.  


Joe Haklin '73 will add $5.00 to each gift made to this challenge by Class of 1973 alumni, family, and friends. Help Joe honor #OurWabash one more time before he retires from Wabash this summer. 


Rick Cavanaugh '76 will match up to $25 of gifts made by a member of the Class of 1976 on 4.18. #OurWabash


Stephen Pavy '81 will donate $10 for each gift made today by the Class of 1981.


Class of 1987 - It's that time again! Let's increase our numbers this year!! Once again, Anthony Hart '87 is pledging an additional $5 for any gift of at least $10 from members of the Class. If you are a fellow ’87 Independent, he will add $10 to your gift.


James Williams '88 will add $10 to every gift made by the Class of 1988. 


Chris Bojrab '89 will donate $10 for each contribution made today from a member of the class of 1989 up to $1,000.


To inspire more gifts from the "Largest Class to Matriculate and Graduate from Wabash College," Class Agents Kip Aitken, Erik Dafforn, and Mike Langford each pledge $1.00 for each member of the Class of '91 who makes a gift during the Day of Giving. In addition, they’ll kick in $5.00 for any classmate who did not donate during last year’s Day of Giving. Joining them in this #OurWabash pledge are classmates Drew Crousore, Mike Hawksworth, Troy Hockemeyer, Kevin Holle, John Keith, Tim Oliver, Thane Spears, Hugh Vandivier, and Tom Watson.


In honor of our 25th Reunion, Mike Warren will give $5.00 for each member of the Class of 1993 that makes a gift on 4.18.


Loyal Sons of 1995, Class Agents Kyle Rapp and Joseph Samreta want you to show your love for #OurWabash by setting a new record of at least 33 donors on the Day of Giving. In addition to our gifts to the College, we will give $10 for every classmate that makes a gift on 4.18, and will double that amount if this is a classmate's first time making a gift on a Day of Giving. When the class sets a new record, we will contribute an additional $500.


A group of alumni from the Class of 1997 will give $20 for each of the first 50 gifts from members of the Class of 1997 who support #OurWabash students with a gift on 4.18.


Jeff Rice '00 will give $10 for each gift made by Wabash Class of 2000 Alumni and Family on 4.18.


Joe ('01) and Mary Trebley will give $10 for every gift from members of the class of 2001 (up to $300).


Tony Unfried ’03 invites all alumni, family, and friends of the Class of 2003 to make a gift to Wabash today. When we reach 50 gifts, Tony will add $5.00 to all gifts made to the challenge, up to $300. Let's show that the class of ought 3 can get more than 50 donors on the 5th Day of Giving!


Jason Cantu '05 will add $1.00 to each Class of 2005 gift made on 4.18. When this challenge reaches 75 gifts, surpassing the class' Day of Giving record, Jason will give an additional $100. 


Josh Schoeff '06 will add $1.00 to each gift made by the Class of 2006 up to 100 gifts.


Adam Kirsch ’07 invites all alumni, family, and friends of the Class of 2007 to make a gift to Wabash today. When we reach 50 gifts, Adam will add $5.00 to all gifts made to the challenge, up to $300. Let's show that the class of ‘07 can get more than 50 donors on the 5th Day of Giving! Additionally, Professor Kay Widdows H'07 will give $10 for each gift from the Class of 2007.


To celebrate 10 years, for each classmate from 2008 who makes a gift to this challenge, Shawn Bennett '08 will give $10 per gift.


Stanley Xu '10 will give $10 for every gift made by Class of 2010 family and friends. 


Class of 2012 members Tyler Wade, Billy Powers, Brock Sibert, Steve Henke, Brian Shelbourne, Kyle Bender, and Matt Meyer will donate $12 for each member of the Class of '12 who makes a donation on 4.18 so that we can strive together for #OurWabash and the meaningful friendships we built here.


For every gift made by a member of the Class of 2014 today, Class Agent Scott Morrison will give an additional $1.00. Let's go 2014, let's represent well today!


Five members of the Class of 2015 -- Andrew Dettmer, Jacob Burnett, Seton Goddard, Sky King, and Patrick Rezek -- will donate $5.00 as a group for every classmate who gives to the Class of 2015 challenge.


Patrick Bryant '16, Wes Brown '16, Scott Purucker '16, and Tyler Regnier ‘16 will give $16 for the first 50 members of the Class of 2016 that make a gift.  If more than 100 gifts are made to this challenge, Patrick and Wes will make an additional $600 contribution.


Alejandro Reyna ‘17 will add $2.00 to each gift made by the Class of 2017.


Norman Moore was the Dean of Students at Wabash from 1959-86 and believed in striving together for #OurWabash. The Class of 1969 established the Class of 1969 Dean Moore Scholarship Fund to honor Dean Moore and assist Wabash students with financial need. A group of Class of 1969 leaders is challenging alumni and friends to join them in supporting the scholarship and will match up to 75 gifts on 4.18 with a maximum match of $750 per gift. 


Members of the Delt advising team will collectively give $5.00 for every Delt who uses the "Delt" affinity code during this year's Day of Giving. Nick Prihoda '99, Jim Dimos '81, Jeremy Vanscoy '03, Mark Elrod '99, Jacob Bradley '01,  Aus Brooks '61, Tony Quandt '04, and Bruce Allee '83.


 If 250 gifts are made to the FIJI affinity challenge today, alumni will unlock a gift of $1,000 to strengthen the experiences of all current students. This challenge is open to FIJI alumni, students, family, and friends. This challenge is led by John Bridge '72, Michael Carper '13, and Aaron Springhetti '08.


Nowhere will the bonds of brotherhood be greater than at #OurWabash, and no one was more true to this bond than Justin Woods ’16. As a way to remember Justin, our record breaking, star Defensive Back, who was a friend to all, a peacemaker when needed, and a fearless leader on the football field, we ask that you make a gift in his memory today. We will honor Justin’s jersey number, 9, by setting our goal at 209 gifts.


Reed Spencer, Glee Club Director; Rob Shook '83, NAWM President; and Richard Bowen, Glee Club Director emeritus, will match each gift by Glee Club alumni, members, and friends, up to a total of $1,000.


The Global Health Initiative Advisory Committee wants to continue to provide opportunities for #OurWabash students to engage in global health experiential learning through local, regional, and international health campaigns and research internships. That is why Advisory Committee members are offering a dollar-for-dollar match up to $7,550 when gifts include the GlobalHealth affinity code.


In golf we may strive to be below par, but that is only because #OurWabash wants to be the best of the best. That winning spirit is why Coach Mac Petty H'82 challenges all Wabash golfers, family, and friends to make a gift on 4.18. He will give $5.00 per gift made using the Golf challenge code.


The Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men (IAWM) will give $5.00 for each of the first 200 gifts made by #OurWabash family and friends connected to the Indianapolis area. Join us after work today at the Triton Tap Room located at 915 Broad Ripple Ave. Festivities start at 4:18 PM!


The lives of #OurWabash students are enriched by the opportunity to study abroad, an opportunity Nancy Doemel H’91 valued for Wabash and its loyal sons. Every gift made using the challenge code “Immersion” will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $7,500 in support of Immersion Learning and international study.


Wabash Men are independent, always in temperament and sometimes in where we live on campus. From College Hall to Williams, from the I-House to "Delta Lew," Jacob Isaacs '99 and Joe Pieters '89 call all Independent alumni, family, and friends to make a gift to #OurWabash on 4.18. Jacob and Joe will add $2.00 to every gift up to the first 250 gifts. 


Hongli Yang '15 will add $1.00 to each gift made to the KappaSigma challenge up to $400. 


John Burrell '69 will match any gift in from Kappa Sigma Class of 1969 with a $25 contribution. So if someone gives $1.00 under KappaSigma69, John will match it with $25! Make John Pay!


Head Lacrosse Coach Todd Richardson challenges the Wabash College Lacrosse team, parents, alumni, and friends to give on 4.18. The Day of Giving is a great opportunity to showcase the belief we share for #OurWabash, which is why he has pledged to give $200 when 100 gifts are made using the Lacrosse challenge code! Help us score another goal with your support and generosity on 4.18! WAF!


In recognition of a century of Lambda Chi leadership at #OurWabash, the Home Association challenges all Alpha Kappa Zeta members, family, and friends to make a gift on 4.18. The first 100 gifts that use the LCALeads challenge code will unlock $2,500. The next 100 gifts, in honor of the next century of Lambda Chi leadership, will unlock another $2,500.


To honor the legacy of Professor Don Herring H'84, every gift made using the challenge code “LiteraryGiant” will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $2,000 in support of student engagement with literature on and off campus.


Shane Xinyang Xuan '16 will give $10 for each gift made by Math alumni, students, faculty, or staff, up to $500.


Emmanuel Aouad '10 and Douglas Baker '15 challenge Wabash Track and Field alumni, parents, and friends to give on the 4.18 Day of Giving. Emanuel and Doug each will donate $150 when 75 gifts are made to Wabash in honor of Track and Field. M.O.W.N.B.U!


In order to strengthen #OurWabash, supporters of the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies are joining together to challenge members, friends, and family of the MXIBS to make a gift on 4.18. Once 125 gifts are made to the MXIBS challenge, the following supporters will make an additional $16,200 contribution: Eugene Anderson '83, Kevin Chavous '78, Willyerd Collier '75, Daryl Johnson '82, Steven Jones '87, Joseph Mims '76, Keith Nelson '71, Marc Nichols '92, Bob Wedgeworth '59, David Woessner '01, and Eric Young '83. *Breaking News* - The supporters of the MXIBS125 just increased their amount by $2,000! Once 125 gifts are made to the MXIBS challenge, the supporters will make a $18,200 contribution.


If 200 parents give today, current and former* members of the Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) will unlock a gift of $7,750 to strengthen the opportunities of #OurWabash students. This challenge is open to parents of students, alumni, and future Wabash Men. The PAC consists of Kim and David Doster, Keith Fishe, Patsy WebberHunt and Henry Hunt, Paula and Bruce Kopp, Jennifer and Mark Page, Krista and Jim Schulz, Barb and Mike Stewart, Mary and Randy Wannemuehler, Kathy and Rob Wunderlich, Sue and Bob Black*, Beth Bell*, Kara and David Riggs*, and Trudy and Greg Selvia*.


To help support students elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the PBK members of the Wabash staff and faculty are raising funds to cover the costs of the students’ membership fees. For every gift made to support Phi Beta Kappa, the PBK staff and faculty will match $10 up to $250.


Mark Sutton '92 will match gifts dollar-for-dollar from 1992 Phi Delt alumni up to $500.


Live Ever, Die Never! Joey Conti '15 Jacob Scherb '14, Alex Amerling ‘14, Bryan Hutchens ‘13, and Spencer Peters '14 will give $1,250 when 200 gifts are made to the PhiPsi challenge.


Shane Xinyang Xuan '16 will give $10 for each gift made by Political Science alumni, students, faculty, or staff, up to $500.


#OurWabash has a commitment to public service. That is why the Political Science faculty challenge you to make a gift that will allow students to gain professional experiences through internships within the public service sector. For the first 50 gifts made to this challenge, the Political Science faculty will add $5.00 per gift.


#OurWabash students and faculty conduct research side-by-side. The Psychology Department is raising funds to support student summer research projects with Wabash faculty and to send several students to present their research at conferences such as the Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego in November. For every gift made to the Special Psychology Fund, the Psychology faculty will match $10 up to $850.


We reached our initial goal of 50 gifts to celebrate the impact Dr. Webb and Dr. Placher have had on #OurWabash. Terry Archambeault '05 will now give $1.00 to every gift over 50, that is on top of the $2.00 he has given for the first 50 gifts made to this challenge.


Alumni, students, family and friends of Phi Delta Theta are challenged to celebrate being the longest continuously-active fraternity at Wabash as well as in our national fraternity. If we reach 168 gifts today in honor of our 168 years at Wabash College, a $1000 donation will be made to the school on behalf of the pledge class of 1952 and in memory of Robert Hugh Dyer.


Rob Shook '83 and Marc Nichols '92, President and Vice President of the NAWM, will give $6.50 for each of the first 100 donors using the shOUT affinity code, up to $650.


Herm Haffner '77 challenges all Sigma Chi alumni, family, friends to make a gift today. Herm will give $5.00 per gift for the first 100 gifts made using the SigmaChi challenge code.


George Vinihakis '15, Adam Antalis '16, Geno James '17, Steve Magura ’15, Frank Ling ’70, Scott Dreher ’82, Levi Noblitt ’13, Carlos De La Cerda ’15, Rodrigo Porras ’17, Ben Esbaum ’07, Dylan Andrew '12, and Femi Oluyedun '12 will donate $10 per gift for the first 75 gifts. When 75 gifts are made using the Soccer challenge code, an additional $100 will be given by the group. As well, Ben Robinson ’01 will match up to $100 of total donations.


Sky King '15 challenges all Sons of Wabash members to make a gift to #OurWabash on 4.18. When 75 gifts are made by Sons of Wabash alumni, students, family, and friends, Sky will give $200. 


As the Sphinx Club nears its 100th anniversary on campus, if 100 gifts are made to the Sphinx Club affinity challenge today, alumni members will unlock a gift of $1,000 to strengthen the experiences of all current students. This challenge is open to Sphinx Club alumni, students, and any person who loves Wabash’s traditions. This challenge is led by Cliff Kocian '11, Emmanuel Harper '10, Kyle Hayes '09, Will Arvin '08, and Ross Dillard '07.


The Wabash College SPORTS MEDICINE staff is challenging all current and former STUDENT-ATHLETES to donate on 4.18. The sports medicine staff will personally donate an additional $4 (up to $100) for every donation to the Sports Medicine Affinity Challenge. #OurWabash


#OurWabash Swimming and Diving has been making a splash on campus for 50 years. To celebrate 50 seasons on this fifth Day of Giving, Jack Belford '16, Clayton Highum '16, Zechariah Banks '16, and Anthony Repay '17 will add $5.00 to every gift made to this challenge up to 100 gifts.


Members of Theta Delta Chi will add $5.00 to each gift made to Wabash today in honor of Theta Delta Chi. TDX, let’s strive together for #OurWabash! David Zimmerman '93, Jim Hawksworth '95, Chris Huffer '00, Allen Clingler '02, Ryan Clougherty '02, Todd Vogel '04, Kyle O’Keefe '08, Jim Leuck '09, Tim Kraft '11, Jacob Surface '11, and JD Burns '12.


Head Tennis Coach Jason Hutchison knows that #OurWabash can make a huge "racquet" on 4.18. That is why he is giving $200 once 60 gifts are made using the Tennis challenge code.


In celebration of the opening night Wabash Theater's production of The Glass Menagerie (reserve your tickets at https://wabash.edu/boxoffice/) and in recognition of Prof. Jessie Mills' service to the College and its students, the Theater Department faculty will donate an extra $100 after the first 25 donations using this affinity code.


TKE “Pie In The Face” Challenge. Jon Pactor ’71 will give $500 when 150 gifts are made to #OurWabash by Tekes, family, and friends. Step your gifts up to 175 and Jon will give $750. Reach 200 gifts and Jon will step his gift up to $1,000 and take a real pie in the face (gently and preferably chocolate cream) from the TKE president.


Marc Nichols '92, the NAWM Board VP, challenges members of Unidos Por Sangre and friends and family of the Wabash Latino community to make a gift for #OurWabash -- big or small -- today. Marc will contribute an additional $10 for each gift, up to $400.


Chris Duff (1957-2017) lived every day with an #OurWabash Always Fights spirit! In honor of Chris and the 14 years of service she gave to the College, The Administrative Assistant Group will add $7.00 to the first 57 gifts made to this challenge.


#OurWabash isn't complete without our Wabash Moms. "Momma Sue" Schneider will add $1.00 to each woman's gift (up to $100) to honor all who know themselves to be a Wabash Mom to one, two, or hundreds of our Wabash Men.


Rick Cavanaugh '76, the Immediate Past President of the National Association of Wabash Men, wants to support students' efforts in reaching 100% student participation on 4.18. Rick will put an additional $2,000 on the line today if every student on campus makes a gift.


As part of the Red Pack, Sam Starbuck '12 and Kenny Farris '12 know that #OurWabash wins the race when we run together. That's why Sam and Kenny will give $2.00 for every gift made to Wabash today using the Cross Country challenge code.     


Through Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse, #OurWabash students lead deliberative conversations to address controversial issues on campus, in Montgomery County, and across the Midwest. Advisory Committee members have pledged to match up to $2,000 on behalf of the WDPD Affinity Challenge so our Democracy Fellows may travel and present their work at professional conferences, while continuing to learn from leading experts on community engagement and bringing these experiences back to #OurWabash and our neighboring communities.


Melissa Butler H’85 will give $10 for every woman faculty member, current or retired, who contributes today. Another $100 will be given if EVERY woman currently on faculty makes a gift.  


Women love Wabash too! For the first 300 women who give to #OurWabash, a group of women will increase each gift by $10, up to a total of $3,000! 


Wabash wrestling again posted a great season. The team sent six wrestlers to Nationals, three were All-Americans, and placed fifth as a team. The team is also outstanding in academics, with a 3.49 GPA! This year, the team wants to continue to enhance the appearance of the Shelbourne Wrestling Center with needed equipment as the program continues to grow its recruiting efforts for #OurWabash. Dr. Dan Emerson ‘98, Dr. Chris Healy ‘05, Drew McCoy ‘05, Adam Miller ‘05, and David Miller have each pledged matching funds, dollar-for-dollar donated, up to $20,000! We Believe - Be Generous with the sport, the spirit of excellence in Wabash Athletics, and brothers who were generous with you.


Established by Julia Rosenberg, the Wabash College Writing Center has been guiding #OurWabash to focus their thinking, refine their writing, and effectively present their ideas for 35 years. To celebrate the Consultants’ work, Julia’s vision, and to continue the development of the Writing Center, Director Dr. Zachery Koppelmann and former Writing Consultant Kevin Ferguson '96 will add $10 to each gift up to 35 gifts. When this challenge surpasses 35 gifts, an additional $100 will be given on behalf of the Writing Center. 


By visiting our Inside the Numbers page, you'll be able to see which living units, sports, and other groups are leading the day. By inspiring your friends, your family, your classmates, or your old teammates, you are making a bigger impact on #OurWabash and our students. It wouldn't be Wabash without some friendly competition!

Recent 4.18 Gifts

We thank the alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends who have given today to support Wabash College. Please click here to view the complete 4.18 Honor Roll.

Below are the most recent gifts made today.

Jeff Buck 1981
Paige Franklin
Kendra Cooks
Kelly Martin
Stephen Reedy 1991
Joseph Wright
Jacob Scherb 2014
Alejandro Reyna 2018
Trey Fankhauser 2014
David Rusk 2005
Kathleen Brunke
Richard Swinehart 1969
Mary Sue Dobbs-Schneider
Randy Mendoza 2007
Derek Roenfeldt 1979
D. Todd Moore 1980
samuel milligan 1968
Homer Twigg 2008
Melissa Butler Honorary
Willyerd R. Collier Sr. 1975