Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who chose to #StepUpForWabash on our sixth Day of Giving.

Thank you for responding to our messages with your gifts, challenges, and enthusiasm.

We surpassed our most audacious goal and received over 5,100 gifts totaling more than $1,000,000.

Your support on the 4.10 Day of Giving enabled us to take a Giant Step together for Wabash College; your energy added to the tangible momentum of the Giant Steps Campaign.

When the numbers are finalized, we will celebrate them on the College's website. Until then — and on behalf of all who live and learn here — thank you for caring so deeply; for giving so generously; and for choosing to #StepUpForWabash.


Total Gifts
Total Given
AFFINITY challenges


This isn't just any day. This is our day to #StepUpForWabash and make 4,410 gifts in one day. Wabash stands to receive $410,000 for students and their life-changing education from a group of Wabash leaders.

Wabash leaders will unlock five challenge gifts when we reach the five steps below. These steps represent the number of students on campus this spring, Wabash's founding year, our sixth day of giving, last year's record breaking day of giving, and our goal on 4.10.

A special thanks to our 4.10 Day of Giving Lead Challenge donors:
Jay '79 and Susan Allen, Steve '68 and Joanie Bowen, Greg '85 and Sarah Estell, Jennifer Evans and Jack Tankersley, Bob '78 and Melody Grand, Ray Jovanovich '84 and Belinda Puncia Jovanovich, Phil and Colleen Kenney, Frank '82 and Lisa Kolisek, Jim '84 and Kerry Kilbane, Kelly Pfledderer '96 and Jennifer Jones, Jeff Perkins '89, Gary '77 and Joanne Reamey, John '69 and Diane H'99 Schroeder, Tom '73 and Anne Walsh, Bill '83 and Carol Wheeler, Paul '75 and Betty Woolls
First Year Trustees
Aman '99 and Susan Brar, Greg '87 and Jane Castanias, Eric '94 and Amanda Eversole, Rob Sherwin '75 and Kristin Willard, and Joe Turk Jr. '89
NAWM Board & Young Alumni Leaders
Emmanuel '10 and Ashlee Aouad, Jim '95 and Rem Hawksworth, Jonathan Laird '15, and Marc Nichols '92 and Jamie Collins

Affinity Challenges

When an individual or group sets up an Affinity Challenge, they "challenge" others with whom they are assocated to make a gift on 4.10. If you help them meet the challenge, they will make a gift for the pledged amount in their challenge.

Lead an affinity challenge, put your money on the line, and inspire people from your class, living unit, metro area, student organizations, and beyond. By reaching your friends and networks, you make a bigger impact when you #StepUpForWabash.

All gifts made to Athletics affinity challenges will support an Athletic Director's Fund to strengthen all our teams.

If you are interested in launching an affinity challenge, please submit this short web form here. After completing the form, we will review the details and provide a challenge code that you can share with your networks and our Wabash friends and family.


Emeritus trustee Roger Billings '59 is challenging alumni, spouses, partners, and friends of the Class of 1959 to #StepUpForWabash on 4.10. Roger will give $3,000 when 30 gifts are given using the code.


For all members of the Class of '69 who have not given in the last five years or who have never given, Class Agent Ken Crawford '69 will match your donation to any fund up to $100 on the 4.10 Day of Giving.


Class of 1974, let’s reach 45 gifts for our 45th class reunion. Paul Tipps '74 and Mark Dewart '74 will match $4.50 for each gift given to the 1974BigBash challenge.


To celebrate the 35th reunion for the Class of 1984, Todd Glass, Bill Havlin, Ray Jovanovich, Jim Kilbane, and Brian Tonner (all '84) will #StepUpForWabash and donate $35 for each '84 classmate who makes a gift today.


Class of 1989 is celebrating our 30-year reunion. When 90 classmates #StepUpForWabash, Class Agents Tony Lentych '89 and Joe Pieters '89 will Step Up with a $750 gift. UPDATE: Classmate Mark Scott wants to #StepUpForWabash and contribute an additional $89 for each classmate who registers for our reunion weekend at wabash.edu/bigbash.


In honor of the 25th reunion for the Class of 1994, Jason Hand '94 and his wife Lori will donate an additional $25 for the first 25 gifts of $25 or more from a classmate who did not donate last fiscal year and hasn't given yet this year. Additionally, Tom Welch '94 will pony up $25 for every classmate who registers for Big Bash today at wabash.edu/bigbash.


To celebrate the 20th reunion for the Class of 1999, David Coates, Mark Elrod, Chris Gegg, Craig Higgs, and Jacob Isaacs (all '99) will give $2,000 when this challenge reaches 50 gifts.


To celebrate the Class of 2004's 15th reunion this year, Nathan Lundquist '04 and Jesus Campos '04 will donate $2,500 total when 75 or more '04 classmates #StepUpForWabash today.


Ben Cook '14 and Scott Morrison '14 will contribute $5 for every member of the Class of 2014 who donate to Wabash on 4.10. This is our chance to give back and #StepUpForWabash. Also, if 76 members of '14 donate today, we get an open bar at Big Bash this year!


Always Means Always. The faculty, staff, and family of Wabash are a strong community of people who always #StepUpForWabash students and each other. Susan Albrecht, Shamira Gelbman, Cassie Hagan, Bobby Horton, Marianne Isaacs, Greg '88 and Missy Redding, and Aaron Selby '06 will give $600 when this challenge reaches 100 gifts on 4.10.


Matt Tanney '05, Director of Athletics and Campus Wellness, and wife Julia will donate $1,000 to the Director's Fund if the sum total of gifts made to Little Giants Athletics programs exceeds 1,250 donations.


John Kerezy '77 and Jim Amidon '87 challenge all former writers, editors, photographers, and readers of the "Voice of Wabash since 1908" to #StepUpForWabash on 4.10. John and Jim will add $5 to each gift up to 100 gifts.


Joe Johnson '11 is challenging those who love Wabash Baseball to STEP UP to the plate. When 200 gifts are made, Joe will make a gift of $500 to Wabash. Let's clear the bases!


Basketball alumni Kip Chase '03, Colten Craigin '13, Matt Kaczkowski '13, Kasey Oetting '15, Marcus Kammrath '16, Daniel Purvlicis '16, and Head Coach Kyle Brumett have pledged $3,000 when alumni, parents, students and all supporters of Wabash Basketball #StepUpForWabash by making 150 gifts using the code "Basketball" today!


Over the decades, Wabash Betas have answered the call to #StepUpForWabash. Today, Advisors, Housing Corporation, and Alumni Leaders are issuing a challenge that will unlock $2,500 when 350 gifts are made using the Beta code. Special thanks to Brothers Engledow '78, Brewer '90, Collins '02, Busenbark '03, Selby '06, German '11, Grand '11, Fenton '15, and Robbins '13. _kai_


Chad Cleaver '00 will match the first $3,500 worth of gifts made by Chicago-area alumni, family, and friends to this challenge on 4.10.


Chip’s Recruits Challenge: If Chip Timmons '96 was your admissions counselor, he is challenging you to #StepUpForWabash and make a gift. For the first 100 gifts made to this challenge, Chip will add a $2 gift of his own.


Class Agent Charlie Quillin '60 challenges alumni, spouses, partners, and friends of the Class of 1960 to #StepUpForWabash on 4.10. Charlie will give $1,200 when 20 gifts are made using the code.


When Class of 1966 alumni, family, and friends use this code, Jay Fisher '66 will add $20 to each person's gift, up to $1,000 total.


Class of 1967, Earl Houck ’67 will give $5.00 for each of the first 50 members (or spouses, friends, etc.) to make a gift, up to $250.


Fred Haase ’71 is challenging the Class of 1971 to #StepUpForWabash on 4.10. He will contribute $18.32 for each gift made by a fellow classmate.


Rick Cavanaugh '76 will match up to $25 of gifts made by members of the Class of 1976 on 4.10.


Class of 1987 – Anthony Hart '87 challenges you to #StepUpForWabash with 45 gifts by 45 donors to unlock $450 in support of Wabash students.  He'll increase gifts from fellow '87 Independents by $10 when this code is used.


Members of the "Largest Class to Matriculate and Graduate from Wabash College" will #StepUpForWabash today by issuing the largest class challenge. When Class of '91 donates 80 gifts, the following classmates will kick in an accumulated $3,150 to support our alma mater: Class Agents Kip Aitken, Erik Dafforn, and Mike Langford in addition to Chuck Andrews, Brent Bolick, Drew Crousore, Chris Cotton, Michael Cunningham, Tim Gatewood, Jeff Grabill, Mike Hawksworth, Troy Hockemeyer, Kevin Holle, John Keith, Lance More, Roland Morin, Tim Oliver, Thane Spears, Mike Troman, Hugh Vandivier, and Tom Watson.


Eric Schoettle '93 is challenging his classmates from 1993 to #StepUpForWabash. Eric will make a $25 gift for each of the first 20 classmates who give on 4.10.


Class Agents Kyle Rapp '95 and Joe Samreta '95 are challenging the Class of 1995 to #StepUpForWabash and beat last year's record of 34 donors. If 35 different members from the class of 1995 make a gift today then Kyle and Joe will donate an additional $1,000 to our beloved alma mater.


Joe '01 and Mary Trebley will give $10 for the first 30 classmates who #StepUpForWabash from the Class of 2001.


Let's show that the class of Aught-3 can get more than 60 donors on the 6th Day of Giving! When we reach 60 donors to this challenge, Tony Unfried '03 and Kip Chase '03 will donate $600. UPDATE: When we reach 80 donors, Reed Hoyer '03 and Dale Turner '03 will both collectively kick in another $2,000!


Aaron Cook '06 challenges the Class of 2006 to #StepUpForWabash and unlock $500 by making 50 gifts today.


Let's show that the Class of '07 can get more than 50 donors on the Day of Giving! Honorary classmate Kay Widdows H'07 will add $10 to each gift made by a classmate, up to $500!


When more than 50 members of the Class of '08 #StepUpForWabash on 4.10, Shawn Bennett '08 and Jesse James '08 will contribute a total of $750.


Class of 2009, this is our 10th year anniversary. Once 25 members of the class of 2009 use this affinity code to support Wabash Day of Giving, Robert Bloss ’09 will donate $500.


Stanley Xu '10 will give $10 for each of the first 50 gifts made by the Class of 2010 or family and friends.


Jake German '11 challenges the Class of 2011 to #StepUpForWabash. Jake will make a $10 gift for each of the first 65 classmates who give on 4.10.


Class of 2012 members Kyle Bender, Steve Henke, Matt Meyer, Billy Powers, Brian Shelbourne, Brock Sibert, and Tyler Wade will collectively donate $12 for each member of the Class of '12 who makes a donation today as we #StepUpForWabash on 4.10.


Rob Dyer, Riley Floyd, and Joe Stiglitz (all ’13) will #StepUpForWabash with a dollar-for-dollar match of $1,006.5 given by their classmates to get the Class of 2013 to $2,013.


Seven members of the Class of 2015 -- Tyler Andrews, Jacob Burnett, Andrew Dettmer, Will Folsom, Seton Goddard, Tyler Hardcastle, and Patrick Rezek -- will donate $10.00 as a group for every classmate who gives to the Class of 2015 challenge.


Wes Brown, Patrick Bryant, Eddie Cmehil, Jake Norley, Scott Purucker, Tyler Regnier, Chris Stazinski, and Tyler Trepton  (all '16) will contribute $16 for each of the first 50 classmates who contribute and use the Classof2016 code. When this challenge reaches 100 gifts, an additional $200 will be given, resulting in a total match of $1,000.


When 50 members of the Class of 2017 #StepUpForWabash with a gift to this challenge, Collin Bell, Drew Biddle, Austin Earl, Lincoln Kyle, Alejandro Reyna, Brand Selvia, Jacob Stone, Jimmy Suess, Holten Warriner, and Alex Wimber (all '17) will each give $20.17. When 100 members make a gift, they will give another $200.


We may be the youngest alumni class, but 2018 guys are committed to turn in one of the strongest number of gifts on 4.10! When we reach 100 donors, Ephrem Chedid, Jayvis Gonsalves, Collin Graber, Logan Kleiman, Michael Krutz, and Jacob Woodward (all '18) will #StepUpForWabash with a total of $1,000.


Cross Country Coach Tyler McCreary, Sam Starbuck '12, and Ken Farris '12 are calling on all Redpack members and friends to #StepUpForWabash today! For each donation to the cross country affinity challenge, Coach McCreary, Sam, and Ken will each donate $1 on today's Day of Giving.


Dean Norman Moore was Dean of Students from 1959-1984 and impacted the lives of countless Wabash men. The Dean Moore Scholarship provides tuition assistance to students of need. Gifts to the Dean Moore Scholarship on the 4.10 Day of Giving will be matched up to $2,800 by the Class of '69 donor pledge pool.


For every Delt who uses the "Delt" affinity code during this year's Day of Giving, the following members of the Delt advising team will collectively donate $5: Heidi Walsh, Aus Brooks '61, Jim Dimos '83, Mark Elrod '99, Nick Prihoda '99, Jacob Bradley '01, Jeremy Vanscoy '03, and Tony Quandt '04.


Wayne Hentrup '84 is challenging all alumni, family, and friends of Wabash from Evansville and Jasper to #StepUpForWabash on 4.10. Wayne will match all gifts $20 or more up to a total of $1,000. Join a group of Wabash supporters this afternoon at Victoria National Golf Club beginning at 4:10pm.


Inspired by mentors like the Dyers, Hoffmans, Pactors, Runges, and Siples, the Raters (Mike '85 and Justin '19) family challenges all alum Fathers with alum Sons to #StepUpForWabash today. We will give $20 for each donation, up to $500.


When the FIJI affinity challenge receives 275 gifts today, John Bridge '72, Aaron Springhetti '08, and Michael Carper '13 will #StepUpForWabash with a gift of $1,000 to strengthen the experiences of all current students. This challenge is open to alumni, students, family, and friends of Phi Gamma Delta.


Coach Don Morel is challenging anyone who supports Wabash Football to Step Up on 4.10. When 350 gifts are made, Coach Morel will make a $1,000 gift to support Wabash.


Andy Walsh '14 is challenging Wabash professors, both past and present, to #StepUpForWabash on 4.10!  The passion, effort, intentionality, sacrifice, love, care, empathy, and diligence that Wabash's teacher-scholars put into providing a life-changing education is personally inspiring. Andy will give $5 per gift for the first 40 gifts from Wabash professors in appreciation of their dedication.


Glee Club members, family, and friends, join in the chorus with 175 gifts on 4.10. Richard Bowen, Reed Spencer, Alejandro Reyna '17, Rob Shook '83, and Tom Welch '94 will provide accompaniment to the tune of $1,300.


The Global Health Initiative wants to continue providing opportunities for Wabash students to engage in experiential learning through local, regional, and international health campaigns and research internships. Today, GHI Advisory Committee members will #StepUpForWabash with a dollar-for-dollar match up to $8,400 when gifts include the GlobalHealth affinity code.


Golfers know it takes many steps to be your best and to win. That winning spirit is why Coach Mac Petty H'82 challenges all Wabash golfers, family, and friends to #StepUpForWabash and make a gift on 4.10. He will donate $5 per gift made using the Golf challenge code.


The Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men (IAWM) will donate $1,000 when 100 or more Indianapolis-area alumni, family, and friends #StepUpForWabash and use the IAWM code. The IAWM will donate an additional $1,000 when we reach 150 donors. Join us after work today at the Liter House located at 5301 Winthrop Ave. Festivities start at 4:10 p.m.!


From College Hall to Williams, from the I-House to "Delta Lew," Independent Men #StepUpForWabash. Tom Runge '71, Anthony Hart '87, Jacob Isaacs '99, and Nick Schenkel '15 will contribute $1,300 when 500 gifts are made to this challenge by Independent alumni, family, and friends.


When 200 Kappa Sig Brothers, families, and friends #StepUpForWabash today, Hongli Yang '15 will donate $800.


Matt Schulz '06 and Head Coach Tim O’Shea are challenging all supporters of Lacrosse to #StepUpForWabash by making a gift today! Matt and Coach will give $400 to support Wabash when 100 gifts are made using the Lacrosse code.


Lambda Chi Alpha at Wabash College Alumni Association challenges all Alpha Kappa Zeta members, family, and friends to #StepUpForWabash on 4.10. The first 100 gifts that use the LambdaChi challenge code will unlock $1,250. The next 100 gifts will unlock another $1,250.


Tyler Wade '12 is challenging Wabash Nation to raise awareness about mental health and encourages you to #StepUpForWabash in recognition of the good work of the Mental Health Concerns Committee (MHCC). Tyler will donate $1 more for each donation up to $400.


Supporters of the MXIBS are united to encourage members, friends, and family of the Malcolm X Institute of Black Studies to #StepUpForWabash and make a gift on 4.10. Once 130 gifts are made using the code, the following alumni will make an additional $20,000 gift: Bob Wedgeworth '59, Willyerd Collier '75, Joseph Mims '76, Bob Knowling '77, Kevin Chavous '78, Eugene Anderson '83, Eric Young '83, Cleo Washington '85, Steven Jones '87, and Marc Nichols '92.


If 200 gifts are made using the Parents code, members of the Parents Advisory Committee (PAC) will #StepUpForWabash with a gift of $7,450 to strengthen the opportunities for their sons and all Wabash students. This challenge is open parents of students, alumni, and future Wabash Men.


To help support students elected to Phi Beta Kappa, the PBK members of the Wabash staff and faculty are raising funds to cover the costs of the students' membership fees. For every gift made to support Phi Beta Kappa, the PBK staff and faculty will match $10 up to $250.


Phi Delta Theta Brothers, family, and friends, when you make an Annual Fund gift today using the affinity code "PhiDelt," you cast a vote in favor of painting the chapter house its traditional color: WHITE! If we receive at least 320 gifts today (which honors the chapter's fall GPA of 3.20), we will see the return of the White Elephant.


Mark Sutton ’92 will match gifts dollar-for-dollar from 1992 Phil Delt alumni up to $1,000.


Live Ever, Die Never! When Phi Kappa Psi Brothers, family, and friends #StepUpForWabash with 250 gifts or more using the PhiPsi affinity code, Tony Caldwell '07, Jacob Scherb '14, Alex Amerling '14, Spencer Peters '14, Nathan Whisman '14, Tyler Andrews '15, and Joey Conti '15 will donate $1,750!


Only at Wabash do students and faculty conduct psychology research together, step-by-step and side-by-side. #StepUpForWabash to help students do summer research projects with Wabash faculty and send students to present their research at conferences such as the Society for Neuroscience conference in October. For every gift made to the Special Psychology Fund, the Psychology faculty will match $10 up to $850.


Terry Archambeault '05 will add $2 to the first 75 gifts made to this challenge as a way to celebrate Dr. Webb and Dr. Placher, two men who would always #StepUpForWabash students.


Marc Nichols '92, Rob Shook '83, and Jeremy Wentzel '14, President-elect, President, and member of the NAWM Board, will give $500 when 100 gifts are made to the 'shOUT affinity challenge.


Herm Haffner '77 challenges all Sigma Chi alumni, family, friends to make a gift today. Herm will give $5 per gift for the first 100 gifts made using the SigmaChi challenge code.


"I go about the world, hand outstretched, and in the stadiums I plead: 'A pretty move, for the love of God.' And when good soccer happens, I give thanks for the miracle and I don’t give a damn which team or country performs it."— Eduardo Galeano. Scott Dreher '82 will give $1,000 if 100 gifts are made today.


#StepUpForWabash has been the mission of the Sons of Wabash for more than 20 years. Sky King '15, Tyler Regnier '16, Adam Burtner '17, Joe Walters '18, Sam Stewart '19, and David Riggs '20 will give $300 when the Sons of Wabash Step Up with 200 gifts on 4.10.


The Sphinx Club challenges all who love Wabash’s traditions to #StepUpForWabash. When this challenge reaches 250 gifts today, we will unlock an additional $1,000 for Wabash students.


Athletic Trainers Mark Elizondo, Lauren Vincent, Erin O’Connor, and Simon Hoehn '07 are challenging all who support the hard work of our Sports Medicine Team to keep our athletes participating at the highest level to #StepUpForWabash today. The group will give $200 when 25 gifts are made.  


St. Louis, show us how you #StepUpForWabash! When 60 donors use the STL affinity challenge code, the Walsh, Wunderlich, and Farris families will collectively donate $600 to Wabash.


When 125 swimmers, divers, and fans of Wabash aquatics #StepUpForWabash, John Kasey '08, Jack Belford '16, Clayton Highum '16, and Anthony Repay '17 will collectively donate $475 toward improvements to the Class of 1950 Natatorium.


Theta Delta Chi, #StepUpForWabash by making 125 gifts today to unlock $8,000 for Wabash, thanks to the following brothers: Mike Hawksworth '91, David Zimmerman '93, Jim Hawksworth '95, Jeff Nicoson '97, Chris Huffer '00, Ryan Clougherty '02, Todd Vogel '04, Kyle Maloney '04, Kyle O’Keefe '08, Jim Leuck '09, N. Anthony Benitez '09, Tim Kraft '11, Jacob Surface '11, Bryan Arnold '14, Fritz Coutchie '15, and John Burns '15.


Adam Van Zee '07, Sean Clerget '09, and Coach Jason Hutchison are challenging alumni and supporters of Wabash Tennis to #StepUpForWabash by making a gift today to support Wabash College. If 80 gifts are made, they will make a gift of $500.


Once more unto the breach! Wabash Theater asks for all patrons of the arts to #StepUpForWabash on 4.10. After the first 50 gifts using the code "Theater," Theater faculty will contribute an extra $100.


Jon Pactor '71 and his wife Andrea will give $500 when 150 Tekes, family, and friends #StepUpForWabash. They will donate $750 when we reach 175 gifts. When we reach 200 gifts, they will step their donation up to $1,000, and Jon will take a real pie in the face (gently and preferably chocolate cream) from Dean Raters.


Tom Bambrey '68, Doug Baker '15, and Coach Clyde Morgan challenge all who support Wabash Track & Field to #StepUpForWabash on 4.10. They will make gifts up to $850 when 100 gifts are made. MOOOOOVE!


A mother’s love for her son stands as one of Wabash College’s most enduring unsung traditions. So to support the Mothers' Fund established by Trustee Jennifer Evans and her husband Jack Tankersley, Andrea Pactor and Leigh Evans Rudicel each pledge $250 when you #StepUpForWabash with 50 or more gifts to the "WabashMoms" challenge.


To support the transformational leadership of students involved in Wabash Democracy and Public Discourse, Allan Anderson '65, an Emeritus Trustee and WDPD Advisory Committee member, will contribute $1,000 when this challenge reaches 75 gifts to support WDPD’s efforts to STEP UP civic engagement across campus and communities. UPDATE: Todd Blonsley will add $500 to Allan's amount when we reach 75 donors.


Melissa Butler H'85 will give $10 for every woman faculty member, current or retired, who contributes today. Another $100 will be given if EVERY woman currently on faculty makes a gift.


Women #StepUpForWabash, too. When 500 women make a gift to any 4.10 challenge, a group of women will make a gift of $2,000 in support of Wabash students and our Wabash community. An additional $200 will be given when this challenge reaches 200 gifts.


Wabash wrestlers took another Giant Step by winning the NCAA Regional, sending 6 wrestlers to Nationals, and finishing 9th overall. Three men received All-American honors, and Darden Schurg '20 claimed a National Championship. Off the mat, 4 men received Academic All-American awards, and the team boasts a 3.3 GPA. Dr. Dan Emerson '98, Dan Creasap '05, Dr. Chris Healy '05, Adam Miller '05, Andrew McCoy '05, Dr. Garrett Thiel '08, and David Miller, have each decided to #StepUpForWabash. They will match dollar for dollar every $100 gift per donor. Show your support for Wabash and Wrestling this year on 4.10. 


By visiting our Inside the Numbers page, you can see which living units, sports, and other groups are leading the day. By inspiring your friends, your family, your classmates, or your old teammates, you are making a bigger impact when you #StepUpForWabash and our students. Wabash wouldn't be Wabash without some friendly competition!

Recent 4.10 Gifts

We thank the alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends who have given today to support Wabash College. Please click here to view the complete 4.10 Honor Roll.

Below are the most recent gifts made today.

JoAnn Kring 2021
Gerald Fankhauser 2014
Jennifer Fisher 2022
Tom Meeker 2003
Aaron Selby 2006
Jack Davis 1966
Bruce Clegg 2013
Edward Plant
Jacob Isaacs 1999
Sean Cavanaugh 2016
Rick Cavanaugh 1976
Mike Raters 1985
Lucy Isaacs
Marianne Isaacs
Rick Cavanaugh 1976
Heather Bazzani
Charles Roberts 2003
Richard Peterson 1957
John Thiry 2006
David Petering 1964